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APP Wallet Tutorial

Math Wallet Password-Free Payment
What if I forget my wallet password?
How to back up wallet ?
How to switch node in MathWallet
How to add custom token in MathWallet?
How to open dApp in MathWallet5 iOS
‘Device Not Registered’ issue

Math Extension Wallet Tutorial

Tutorial of Math Extension Wallet
How to manually install the Math Extension Wallet
How to change Gas Price in Math Extension Wallet
Math Extension Wallet Avoid Conflict Settings

Hardware Wallet Tutorial

Ledger + MathWallet User Guide
WookongBIO + MathWallet User Guide

Security Tutorial

Security Guide of Math Wallet
Caution Malicious Approve
10 MathWallet Safety Tips
How to report scam DApp?
How to prevent fraud in discord/telegram community?

Cloud Wallet Tutorial

MATH Cloud Wallet Tutorial
How to setup 2FA for Cloud wallet
Cloud Wallet Fee
MATH Cloud Wallet ‘ZERO’ Fee Transfer Guide
How to use SWAP in the Math Cloud Wallet?
How to reset Cloud Wallet Payment Password
MathGiveaway User Guide
MathGiveaway Reward Claim Guide

MathVault (VPoS) Tutorial

MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 1 – Beginner Guide
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 2 – How to participate mining through HD Wallet
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 3 – How to participate mining through cloud wallet
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 4 – How to participate mining through exchange
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 5 – How to view daily mining return
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 6 – How to increase mining power
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 7 – How to invite friend and get 20% rewards
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 8 – The relation between MATH level and mining power
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 9 – How to connect to the VPoS API?
MathVault Farming Pool Tutorial 10 – How to initiate compound feature?

ETH Wallet Tutorial

How to accelerate/cancel the ETH transaction
Tutorial when “ETH Transfer Pending”
NFT operation guide
WalletConnect QRcode User Guide
How to use DEFI financial in MathWallet

Polkadot Wallet Tutorial

Polkadot App Wallet User Guide
How to use Polkadot Staking tool?
How to unstake and withdraw DOT
Polkadot Governance Tool User Guide
How to quit Polkadot election lock
Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan Guide

Kusama Wallet Tutorial

Kusama APP Wallet User Guide
How to send KSM in MathWallet
Kusama Staking Tools Video Guide
How to unstake and withdraw KSM
MathWallet Statemine Wallet User Guide
Karura App Wallet User Guide
Kusama Cross-chain Teleport Guide

BinanceSmartChain Wallet Tutorial

Binance Smart Chain APP Wallet User Guide
Binance Smart Chain Q&A
How to use Binance Smart Chain Cross-chain tranfer tool
How to withdraw token to Binance Smart Chain
BSC NFT User Guide
How to cancel account allowance approval in Binance Smart Chain?
How to accelerate transaction on Binance Smart Chain?

Solana Wallet Tutorial

Solana APP Wallet operation guide
Solana extension wallet user guide
Serum DEX user guide
SerumSwap User Guide
Solana cross-chain transfer operation guide
How to mint Solana token address
Raydium MathWallet User Guide
Solana Wallet Q&A

Filecoin Wallet Tutorial

How to create Filecoin mainnet wallet

Polygon Wallet Tutorial

Polygon (Matic) Wallet User Guide
How to find back your assets if exchange withdraw your token to another chain
How to participate in farming in AAVE ( Polygon)

Arbitrum Wallet Tutorial

Arbitrum app wallet guide
Arbitrum Extension Wallet User Guide

Moonbeam Wallet Tutorial

Moonriver App Wallet Guide
Moonbeam Extension Wallet User Guide
Moonbeam DApp Development Guide

Near Wallet Tutorial

Near Wallet User Guide
NEAR Staking Tool operation guide

ChainX Wallet Tutorial

How to import ChainX 1.0 Wallet into ChainX 2.0 Wallet (Mobile)?
How to import ChainX 1.0 Wallet into ChainX 2.0 Wallet (Ext)?
ChainX 2.0 Browser Extension User Guide
ChainX 2.0 Asset Management Dapps Guide
ChainX Mining Tutorial — X-BTC Mining
ChainX Mining Tutorial — PCX Staking

EOS Wallet Tutorial

How to Buy EOS RAM on Math Wallet ?
How to stake EOS and get CPU/NET
How to Rent/Lease EOS Resources in MathWallet

Tron Wallet Tutorial

How to craete TRON wallet and get BP & Energy?
How to exchange TRON token ? (trc10/trc20)
About TRON Bandwidth and Energy

BinanceChain Wallet Tutorial

MathWallet + BinanceDEX Instruction
[Video] How to trade on BinanceDex built in Math Wallet
How to exchange BNB in your wallet?
How to use Binance Smart Chain Cross-chain tranfer tool
How to use Binance Chain Staking Tool?

Cosmos Wallet Tutorial

Cosmos Wallet Instruction
How to config COSMOS testnet in MathWallet

Harmony Wallet Tutorial

Harmony APP Wallet Guide
Harmony Extension Wallet Instruction
How to use Harmony staking tool
Harmony Staking Video Guide

Terra Wallet Tutorial

Terra App Wallet User Guide

Edgeware Wallet Tutorial

Edgeware APP wallet guide
Edgeware Extension Wallet Guide
How to use the Edgeware Staking tool
How to get Lockdrop EDG in MathWallet

SecretNetwork Wallet Tutorial

SecretNetwork MathWallet Tutorial
Secret Wallet Creation Operation Video
Secret Staking Tool Operation Video

RSK Wallet Tutorial

RSK App Wallet User Guide
RSK Chrome Extension Wallet User Guide

Nervos Wallet Tutorial

Nervos extension wallet usage and development guide

PlatON Wallet Tutorial

PlatON extension wallet user guide

Flow Wallet Tutorial

Flow App Wallet User Guide

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