MATH Staking Introduction

We provide validator infrastructure to networks below. You can stake on MathWallet validator and earn rewards. NETWORKS Cosmos Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包 Validator Account: cosmosvaloper1x065cjlgejk2p2la0029akfvdy52gtq9mm58ta Info: Staking Guide: IRISnet Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包 Validator Account: iva1k4l7jnkfj6nfzxd3su94s0kauhcsx2gzl43spu Info: Staking Guide: Platon Testnet Validator Name:mathwallet Validator Account:lax1flcjmxhkxklh0s9ecwxel5vtrca4taf8u7slda Controller Address:lax1u6unyw3pllg2t3ryfwf2pdgwvnnvhmqj0dsuvj Info: EOSC Validator Account: […]

MATH Token Introduction

Introduction of $MATH token, if you have any other questions about #MATH, leave your comments and we will reply. MathWallet: MathChain: Whitepaper: Explorer: Token Contract: Note: Current MATH is ERC20 token and will cross-chain to Substrate based MathChain and connect to Polkadot Relay Chain. Join MATH Stakedrop: Info: Listed […]

How to mine MATH Token?

What is MATH Token? 1 MATH Token Introduction 2 MATH Whitepaper: 3 MATH Token Contract (ERC20) A initial total limit of 200M MATH will be created. MATH will run natively on the Ethereum in beginning and will migrate to MATH chain in near future. How to mine MATH Token? 1 Video guide […]