MATH Token is on Solana Now

MATH(SPL) contract on Solana: MATH on Solana is cross-chain from MATH(ERC20) on Ethereum by Wormhole protocol: MATH(SPL) on Solana can cross to MATH(ERC20) on Ethereum at Portal: Swap MATH on Solana on Raydium: Swap MATH on Solana on Jupiter More information about MATH Token:

MATH Token is on Base Now

MATH(ERC20) contract on Base: MATH on Base minting amount is based on MATH locked in Ethereum Address below: Swap MATH on Base: More information about MATH Token:

MPU Introduction

MPU, short for MATH Power Unit, is the fundamental energy unit that drives every AI unit in the MathVerse world. MPU is issued based on the amount of MATH that enters the MathVerse Treasury each month, multiplied by 100. For example, the amount of MPU issued in March 2023 is calculated as follows: March 2023: […]

MATH Token Status Update – 20230216

Here is a summary of MATH token-related data updates by 2023/2/16 Summary Total Supply: 200,000,000 Circulating Supply: 162,438,355 MATH Mining Locked in the Mining Address: 37,561,645 MATH Based on the latest updates, the mining pool will be separated into 2 parts starting from 2023/2/16: 50% remains in the MathVault as MATH staking reward 50% […]

Announcement of MathVault Updates

To All MathVault Users, ETH/BTC/BNB/EOS/USDT/USDC MathVault Pool will stop on 2023/2/15, you can withdraw these tokens from the cloud wallet any time after that. After that, 50% of new MATH token issuance will still go to the MathVault farm to reward the MATH token stakers. The other 50% will go to MathVerse Treasury to reward […]

Math Grants Program

Overview Math Global Foundation announced a USD 1 million incentive program, focusing on GameFi fields. In addition, MathWallet under the Math Global Foundation will also provide wallet support, technical support and other services for various GameFi products. Guidelines Any GameFi dapp is welcome to apply for a grant. Generally, it must fulfill the following requirements: […]

2021Q2 MATH Burn Completed

As stated in the white paper, MATH has used 20% of the income earned from Apr 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021 to repurchase and burn 109,150 MATH (approx. 107,370 USD). We have completed this round of MATH burn. You can check the burn records via the blockchain browser:

MATH Staking Introduction

We provide validator infrastructure to networks below. You can stake on MathWallet validator and earn rewards. NETWORKS Cosmos Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包 Validator Account: cosmosvaloper1x065cjlgejk2p2la0029akfvdy52gtq9mm58ta Info: Staking Guide: IRISnet Validator Name: MathWallet 麦子钱包 Validator Account: iva1k4l7jnkfj6nfzxd3su94s0kauhcsx2gzl43spu Info: Staking Guide: BNBChain Validator Name:MathWallet Controller Address: Staking Guide: Platon Testnet Validator Name:mathwallet Validator […]

MATH Token Introduction

Introduction of $MATH token MATH Roadmap MathWallet: http://mathwallet.orgMathChain: Whitepaper: Token ContractEthereum-ERC20: Cross-chainERC20 <> BEP20 https://cloud.mathwallet.orgEthereum <> Arbitrum StakingJoin MATH Stakedrop: https://mathvault.orgMathVault Explorer: Burning Records Info Listed DEXUniswap(Ethereum) / Pancake(BNBChain) / Uniswap(Arbitrum) / Uniswap(Base) / Raydium(Solana) / Jupiter(Solana) You may also trade MATH on CEXCoinbase / Gate / MEXC / Hotbit / JBEX / Mexo […]

How to mine MATH Token?

What is MATH Token? 1 MATH Token Introduction 2 MATH Whitepaper: 3 MATH Token Contract (ERC20) A initial total limit of 200M MATH will be created. MATH will run natively on the Ethereum in beginning and will migrate to MATH chain in near future. How to mine MATH Token? 1 Video guide […]