Binance Smart Chain cross-chain transfer guide

Cross-chain function is launched by MathWallet, it allows users to exchange assets over different chains through this module. Download MathWallet: Ethereum → Binance Smart Chain Switch to ETH wallet, click Crosschain Entering into cross-chain page, choose the assets for transfer, currently it supports: ETH/USDT/MATH/UNI/USDC/SUSHI/LINK/DAI Here we take USDT as an example After entering the […]

Solana cross-chain transfer operation guide

The cross-chain module is the latest function of MathWallet. Users can exchange assets on different chains with the cross-chain module. Download MathWallet: Ethereum → Solana Switch to ETH wallet,click cross-chain Go to the cross-chain scroll screen and select the asset. ETH/USDT/MATH is currently supported. Let’s take MATH as an example After entering the quantity, […]