Math’s work summary for Cosmos

We built MathWallet which supports Cosmos on all platforms including iOS/Android/Chrome Extension/Web ( We also built wallet and staking tools for other chains based on Cosmos SDK including IRISnet, Hashgard etc We create articles about cosmos wallet and staking ( Videos about cosmos wallet and staking ( | Open source cosmos web wallet to […]

MathWallet open source Cosmos web wallet

Cosmos web wallet based on MathSDK It already supports CosmosHub and IRISnet Hub It by default supports all Cosmos Zone based on Cosmos SDK Code: MathSDK Doc MathWallet + Cosmos Instruction

MathWallet + Cosmos Instruction

MathWallet supports Cosmos on iOS/Android/Web Mobile APP support on both iOS & Android If you would like to manage your cosmos assets on mobile anywhere anytime. Step 1: Install MathWallet Step 2: Create a Cosmos Wallet Step 3: Manage/Stake your Cosmos Hub assets Note: MathWallet also supports IRISnet which based on Cosmos SDK Cosmos […]