MathCloudWallet Crowdloan Tutorial

Open MathCloudWallet or switch to CloudWallet in MathWallet app Deposit DOT or KSM to cloud wallet address Click ‘Auction’ Select the parachain you’d like to contribute Enter amt and click ‘Contribute’ You will find all records in contribute history page. Note: There is cap for every PLO, we cannot guarantee successfully join, if not, […]

Multi-address switching Operation Guide

MathWallet launched the multi-address switching function, users can quickly switch account and use DApps. Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) Trade MATH in Pancake as an example (address switching function supports all public chains and DApps) Click the menu in the upper right corner and click Switch Account You can quickly switch […]

How to import/create wallet by social account?

Social account wallet import/creation is the latest function of MathWallet, which allows users to create/restore decentralized wallets through their WeChat/Google accounts. Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) At present, social wallet already supports ETH/ Binance Smart Chain. Here, we take ‘create ETH wallet by Wechat account’ as an example. Click the menu […]

Token Info operation guide

Token Info is the latest function launched by MathWallet. Users can use Token Info to check token information, and quickly enter into DEX. Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) Token Info already supports Binance Smart Chain/ETH. Let’s take MATH on ETH Chain as an example Click MATH Click on the upper right […]

Solana cross-chain transfer operation guide

The cross-chain module is the latest function of MathWallet. Users can exchange assets on different chains with the cross-chain module. Download MathWallet: (iOS users please download the Testflight version) Ethereum → Solana Switch to ETH wallet,click cross-chain Go to the cross-chain scroll screen and select the asset. ETH/USDT/MATH is currently supported. Let’s take MATH as […]

Customer Service System User Guide

If you encounter problems while using MathWallet, you can get quick answers and help from the customer service system and also speak to one of our agent. Click Me-Support Select manual service, you can enter the customer service system Select the corresponding problem categories After describing the problem, the robot will automatically reply to the […]