MathWallet now supports Blocknative Transaction Boost

Transaction Boost is an MEV-protected aggregator that preserves privacy, enabling wallets and dapps to protect end users from frontrunning and sandwiches, while providing real-time status updates that maintain observability of ongoing transaction states, thereby enhancing the end user experience. User Guide: First, open your ETH wallet and click on the settings page At the bottom, […]

Install MathGas and track realtime Gas Price

MathGas supports Mac App / iPhone / Android which tracking the realtime multichain Gas Price Mac App Guide 1 Download the DMG file from link below 2 Copy it to Application folder And in System Perference – Security&Privacy – Allow apps download from: select ‘App Store and identified developers’ 3 Right click on ‘MathGas’ […]

Binance Smart Chain cross-chain transfer guide

Cross-chain function is launched by MathWallet, it allows users to exchange assets over different chains through this module. Download MathWallet: Ethereum → Binance Smart Chain Switch to ETH wallet, click Crosschain Entering into cross-chain page, choose the assets for transfer, currently it supports: ETH/USDT/MATH/UNI/USDC/SUSHI/LINK/DAI Here we take USDT as an example After entering the […]

MathWallet extension wallet supports Ethereum Layer2: Optimistic Ethereum

About Optimism Ethereum Optimism Ethereum would likely be one of the earliest options available in mainnet , and has already attracted support from the two leading project such as Synthetix and Uniswap and wallet service provider such as Coinbase Wallet. Optimistim launched Optimistic Virtual Machine(OVM), a fully functional execution environment that is fully compatible with […]

How to accelerate/cancel the ETH transaction

When encountering an Ethereum GAS jam, the Ethereum transaction may become “stuck” in such a way that the sender cannot proceed with the next transaction and the receiver cannot receive the transaction, which requires the acceleration/cancellation function. Ethereum transfer principle Every transaction that takes place on Ethereum has a value called nonce, which is used […]

WalletConnect User Guide

Download the MathWallet : In term of function, users can access DApp through WalletConnect in the computer browser, and they can conduct on-chain transactions or execute smart contracts by simply scanning authorization. Here we take the decentralized exchange as an example: Open the decentralized exchange website and select WalletConnect in the top right corner. […]

MathWallet NFT Guide

NFT (Non – Fungible Token) defines an indivisible, unique standard of interface specification in tokens exchange and circulation. On the blockchain, digital currency are divided into two categories: native coin and token. The former, such as Bitcoin and Qtum, have its own main chain and use transactions on the chain to maintain ledger data;The latter, such […]