Solana Name Service User Guide

MathWallet5 has supported Solana Name Service (.sol) Here is how to use these names in MathWallet5 When you open the transfer UI, enter the target domain name in the address field, and MathWallet will resolve that name. You will see which name system it is, and click the name system button to double check the […]

How to mint Solana token address

If you'd like to participate Solana token airdrop, such as below You can follow below steps in MathWallet Chrome extension. 1 Install MathWallet Chrome extension 2 Create Solana Wallet in MathWallet Chrome extension 3 You need deposit some SOL to the SOL address 4 Click 'Add Token' and select the token you […]

Solana Wallet Q&A

Basic concept SOL: Solana’s native token, which you can obtain from the exchange SPL Token: The Token is supported on Solana chain, similar to the concept of ERC20 Transfer failed Any transaction on the Solana chain will cost a certain amount of SOL as a handling fee. Please make sure you have a certain amount […]

Solana cross-chain transfer operation guide

The cross-chain module is the latest function of MathWallet. Users can exchange assets on different chains with the cross-chain module. Download MathWallet: Ethereum → Solana Switch to ETH wallet,click cross-chain Go to the cross-chain scroll screen and select the asset. ETH/USDT/MATH is currently supported. Let’s take MATH as an example After entering the quantity, […]

SerumSwap User Guide

Download MathWallet first: Switch to Solona wallet (Create new Solana Wallet operation guide) Then open DApp store – SerumSwap Math Click Connect Wallet ,and connect with MathWallet After selecting the input currency/output currency and entering the amount, click Swap to complete the transaction Provide liquidity Click Pool and select trading pair. After the value of upper/lower token […]