Solana cross-chain transfer operation guide

The cross-chain module is the latest function of MathWallet. Users can exchange assets on different chains with the cross-chain module.

Download MathWallet:

Ethereum → Solana

Switch to ETH wallet,click cross-chain

Go to the cross-chain scroll screen and select the asset. ETH/USDT/MATH is currently supported.

Let’s take MATH as an example

After entering the quantity, select the chain to be transferred (Currently MathWallet supports Solana, and more cross-chain transfers will be supported in the future) and select the address.

Click on the approve and wait the confirmation on chain, then the cross chain transfer will be completed. Click on the transfer record in the upper right corner to inquire the order details.

Solana →Ethereum

Switch to Solana chain,select cross-chain,then follow the same steps as above.

Note that for Ethereum token, you need got to ‘History’ and claim the token manually, then the token will show in your balance.