Math Show Series #028 – Envision: The Evolution of Sports Metaverse

Host Cici: I’m Cici, the host of the math show today. Great pleasure to be here with Andrew. Please introduce yourself Andrew. Andrew: Hi, I’m a community manager from NFTSTAR. Nice to meet you! I’m responsible for Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.  Host Cici: 1.Could you briefly introduce yourself and NFTSTAR’s vision? Andrew: 1. NFTSTAR is […]

Math Show Series #023 – Digital Identity – Giving data ownership back to users

Host Cici: I’m Cici, the host of the Math Show tonight. The first round of MathWallet x Unstoppable Domains raffle events was welcomed. So we invited Business Development Partner Bennett Phillips to Digital Identity – Giving Data Ownership Back to Users. Bennett Phillips: Our vision is to help users achieve these things through the power […]