Moonbeam Crowdloan in MathWallet Guide

Now you can join the Moonbeam Crowdloan in MathWallet for both mobile and extension wallet For Android user, suggest install MathWallet1 version here For iOS user, please follow below guide to open dapp First switch to Polkadot wallet In the DApp list find Moonbeam Crowdloan app Click the 'Connect to Polkadot.js' button Confirm […]

Moonriver App Wallet Guide

Install MathWallet Switch Network to 'Moonriver', create or import a Moonriver wallet And you can start using Moonriver now! If you need to claim your MOVR token, using your App scan the qrcode of 'Moonriver Apps' on And you can claim your crowdloan MOVR token, same as the extension process

Claim Moonriver MOVR in MathWallet guide

Install MathWallet Switch Network to 'Moonriver' Import the 0x formatted receiver wallet when you participate Moonriver crowdloan Click the 'DApp Store' button, and open the 'Moonriver Apps' Or open the link: The app will connect to Moonriver wallet automatically Then you can click the 'Claim' button to withdraw MOVR to your Moonriver wallet […]

Moonbeam DApp Development Guide

Create wallet MathDappStore Faucet Explorer Remix ERC20 Token Creation Deploy contract Contract address

Moonbeam (or Moonriver) Extension Wallet User Guide

Download MathWallet Install Extension Wallet: Set up password Click the Extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings In Network, enable the ‘Moonbase’ or ‘Moonriver’ network Switch to Moonbeam (or Moonriver) Create Moonbeam wallet Click Settings in the upper right corner of the extension Click on the top right corner to switch the network to […]