MathVerse Land NFT Staking Guide

MathVerse Land NFT now supports staking. All NFTs reaching staking level 2 and above on the 15th of each month will receive an airdrop (details will be announced later). The first airdrop snapshot will be taken on April 15th, 2023 at 12:00:00 GMT. Unstake Prerequisite You can manually unstake at any time. If you transfer […]

MATH Token Status Update – 20230216

Here is a summary of MATH token-related data updates by 2023/2/16 Summary Total Supply: 200,000,000 Circulating Supply: 162,438,355 MATH Mining Locked in the Mining Address: 37,561,645 MATH Based on the latest updates, the mining pool will be separated into 2 parts starting from 2023/2/16: 50% remains in the MathVault as MATH staking reward 50% […]

Announcement of MathVault Updates

To All MathVault Users, ETH/BTC/BNB/EOS/USDT/USDC MathVault Pool will stop on 2023/2/15, you can withdraw these tokens from the cloud wallet any time after that. After that, 50% of new MATH token issuance will still go to the MathVault farm to reward the MATH token stakers. The other 50% will go to MathVerse Treasury to reward […]

When MathWallet Supports a new Chain

When MathWallet supports a new chain, it is not just adding a RPC like Metamask. MathWallet will support all the functions below in the same time for the new Chain: ✅ App wallet support ✅ Web wallet support ✅ Extension wallet support ✅ DappStore support ✅ Multi-wallet support ✅ Sub-wallet support ✅ Watch-mode-wallet support ✅ […]

Milkomeda Cardano MathWallet User Guide

MathWallet5 has supported Milkomeda Cardano. Follow guide below and start using Milkomeda Cardano: First, install the MathWallet5 version from On the chain list click + button at bottom, and open Milkomeda Cardano Then, on the chain list find the Milkomeda Cardano network and add a new wallet (you can import existing wallets from other […]

Subsocial MathWallet User Guide

MathWallet5 has supported Subsocial Parachain and Solochain. Subsocial launched parachain on Kusama at the beginning of January, and distributed crowdloan rewards last month. They are operating with a 2 chain model: a more performant solochain and a more secure parachain.All tokens and financial stuff will happen on the parachain, including locking up tokens to earn […]