EOS MultiSig Transfer DApp Tutorial I – Make Transfer

MultiSig Transfer DApp is a tool that supports executing a transfer with mult-signiture. EOS provides very powerful permission settings and multi-signing features, but previously, these operations can only be performed from the command line. The tool developed by Math Wallet is the most complete and simple operation interface of EOS Ecology. Math Wallet’s powerful account […]

How to buy EOS Winter Financial Plan?

Math Wallet have launched EOS Winter Financial Plan that has annualized return of 13% and break-even interest. Limited amount, first come first served. Install Math Wallet: http://www.mathwallet.org/cn/ 1. Switch to EOS wallet. If you don’t have EOS wallet, please create or import first. 2. Find DApp “EOS Financial Plan” 3. Click the product【EOS Winter Financial Plan】 […]

Tutorial | How to use Chintai Rent/Lease EOS Resources

In Chintai, you can lease your leisure EOS and gain collect income. If you are a developer, you can also rent bandwidth/CPU resources in Chintai at a low price to lower your platform operating cost. Open MathWallet and switch to EOS wallet Download MathWallet : http://mathwallet.org Press 【DApp】 in bottom and enter 【Chintai】   Login first   […]