Tutorial | How to Rent/Lease EOS Resources in MathWallet

Based on EOS resource model, you will need both CPU and network to do any actions on EOS. And the quota of your resource changes according to the latest chain status.

There are 2 ways you can get more resource, stake more EOS or rent from market.

This article is about how to rent resource in MathWallet.

1 Open MathWallet and switch to EOS wallet
Download MathWallet : http://mathwallet.org

2 Click【DApp】 and select the ‘Resource’ category in DAPP list

There are 4 different types dapp for Rent/Lease EOS Resources:


You can find different REX dapps built by different teams, but they are all using the REX service on EOS chain. You can just select one REX dapp you like to rent/lease EOS resource.

for example, you can below REX dapp in the DApps

or visit https://bloks.io/rex in DApp Browser within the wallet.

Switch the ‘Borrow CPU/NET’ tab, and borrow the resource you need.

If you want to know how many EOS should you stake, visit https://www.eoscharge.io and it will show you the staked EOS needed for different operations.

Lend from friends

This is also EOS native service. If you know who you are lending to, use the dapp “EOS Resource for Other”. Type the EOS account and you can direct stake resource for them or ask them to stake for you.

Resource market

Such as Chintai, provide 3rd party resource lending market, and you can choose the price by yourself.

Rent with fiat/coin

Other dapp also provide service that you can pay fiat or stable coin to rent the resource.

For example ‘Easy Pay’

Any questions, join: https://t.me/mathwallet