DDOS Mining Guide

What is DDOS

DDOS is a TRC20 token mined by TRON Energy.

25 DDOS generated in every second, in which 22.5 DDOS goes to mining pool and remining 2.5 goes to creator team address.
Airdrop start at 2019/11/2 14:00:00 and will continue for 15 month. Finally 1 billion DDOS will be created.

Issue the getToken function in contract TVRwKecUN5iLMdNhA7RYGTRZWuecei2rxC and it will send 0.01% of current DDOS balance in the contract back to you.

Who created DDOS

The author of DDOS is a well known dapp developer who is called Master Gao in the TRON community.

As mentioned by the creator of DDOS project:

Tron has transaction fees. Eos does not. Tron is better structured to deal with network congestion due to the ability to pay tx fees. The Tron community should support DDOS and prove to Eos which blockchain is better.

Value of DDOS

Similar as BTC using real electric power for mining, DDOS use TRON Energy for mining.

Project Information

Website: https://ddostron.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ddostron
Contract Address: TVRwKecUN5iLMdNhA7RYGTRZWuecei2rxC
Open Source Code:
Mining Status: https://dapp.review/dapp/12382/ddos

How to get TRON Energy

Method #1

If you cannot have any TRON Energy you can still mining, it will cost you 0.2 TRX per transaction.

Method #2

You can stake TRX to get more Energy


Method #3

You can also lend Energy with small TRX fee through the TronLending DAPP or just visit https://tronlending.org

Start Mining

Install MathWallet: https://mathwallet.org

Open you MathWallet, go to ‘DAPP’ – ‘DDOS Miner (WIN96)’ and you can start mining both in APP or in Chrome Extension.

We strongly recomended MathWallet Chrome Extension as it allows you mining in the background 24*7. Check the video instruction below:


Trade DDOS