How to participate in MATH & PANCAKE Farming?

Liquidity Pool Switch to Binance Smart Chain, open Pancake in DApp store Click Liquidity – Add Liquidity Choose MATH – BUSD LP token, approve MATH then approve BUSD After approving, enter the amount of liquidity you want to add and click Supply After block confirmation, you will have MATH_BUSD LP Token, click on the menu in the upper […]

How to participate MathCube airdrop?

Please download: Switch to Binance Smart Chain Dapp store, click ‘MathCube’ to enter event page. Once enter the event page, you can apply for airdrop if you meet the application requirements during the activity. User MDEX airdrop as example, the application conditions for this activity should meet the following requirements: 1.BNB balance is greater than […]