Kusama Cross-chain Teleport Guide

With more and more Kusama parachain launched, KSM can be teleported to different chains, guide below: Install MathWallet https://mathwallet.org Find dApp 'Kusama Teleport Assets' Select the target chain (already supported Statemine, Karura, etc) Input Amt (suggest > 0.01 KSM, normally the fee is around 0.003 KSM) And select the target chain address Click 'Transfer' and […]

Polkadot Parachain Crowdloan Guide (MathWallet Decentralized Wallet)

Download MathWallet:https://mathwallet.org Switch to Kusama wallet 2. Enter【DApp】-【Kusama Auction Tool】 3. Choose the project participating in crowdloan 4. Check rewards information, type the amount, click Contribute, authorize signature to finish the steps. New user could join in MathWallet Cloud Wallet,steps:How to participate in Kusama Crowdloan in Cloud Wallet?

How to participate in Kusama Crowdloan in Cloud Wallet?

Download MathWallet: mathwallet.org Sign up for Cloud Wallet Switch to Cloud Wallet — Click Sign In— Login at Phone/Email Login — Complete Cloud Wallet registration Deposit assets from Cloud Wallet Select KSM — Click on Receive — Deposit KSM to your address (Click ‘Trade’ and you swap for some KSM as well) Invite friends From Cloud Wallet select DApp […]

MathCloudWallet Crowdloan Tutorial

Open MathCloudWallet http://cloud.mathwallet.xyz/ or switch to CloudWallet in MathWallet app Deposit DOT or KSM to cloud wallet address Click ‘Auction’ Select the parachain you’d like to contribute Enter amt and click ‘Contribute’ You will find all records in contribute history page. Note: There is cap for every PLO, we cannot guarantee successfully join, if not, […]

Kusama Wallet User Guide

Please download MathWallet first:http://mathwallet.org 1. Create/import Kusama wallet 2 Kusama KSM transfer Note: There is only KSM on Kusama network,current transaction fee is 0.01 KSM. 3 Kusama Dapp Note: Kusama Dapp belongs to multi-tools category Currently Kusama network has just been launched,more DApp will be launched in the future. For more infomation, add our customer […]

How to use Kusama Staking tool?

First download Math Wallet:https://www.mathwallet.org 1.Open Math Wallet,switch to Kusama ,and open Kusama Staking at Dapp store. 2.Enter the application, the default is stash account, click new stake. 3. Enter the number of Kusama that needs Staking and click confirm. 4. Switch to controller account. 5.Click Nominating-Set 6.Select the validator, up to 16 validators at the same […]

How to get KSM from Kusama Faucet

Generate vanity address First you need a kusama address include ‘ksma’ (KSMA or kSmA are all good). Open https://m.maiziqianbao.net/polka/vanity 1 Search ‘ksma’ and click ‘Generate’  2 ‘Export Private Key’ of the found address  3 Copy the private key  Import to MathWallet Install MathWallet from https://mathwallet.org App Wallet or Chrome Extension Wallet are […]