MathCloudWallet Crowdloan Tutorial

Open MathCloudWallet
or switch to CloudWallet in MathWallet app

Deposit DOT or KSM to cloud wallet address

Click ‘Auction’

Select the parachain you’d like to contribute

Enter amt and click ‘Contribute’

You will find all records in contribute history page.


There is cap for every PLO, we cannot guarantee successfully join, if not, the token will be back to the cloud wallet.
If the parachain successfully get the slot, the token will be locked based on the auction logic.
If the parachain fail to get the slot, the token will be unlocked based on the auction logic and send back to cloud wallet.
The reward token will be send to the cloud wallet based on the project’s PLO rule (there may be locking period).
2% reward will be the service fee if you join PLO through cloud wallet