How to participate in Kusama Crowdloan in Cloud Wallet?

Download MathWallet:

Sign up for Cloud Wallet

Switch to Cloud Wallet — Click Sign In— Login at Phone/Email Login — Complete Cloud Wallet registration

Deposit assets from Cloud Wallet

Select KSM — Click on Receive — Deposit KSM to your address (Click ‘Trade’ and you swap for some KSM as well)

Invite friends

From Cloud Wallet select DApp — Click Kusama Cloud Crowdloan — Click Invite friends to earn 1% rewards — Click Copy Invitation Code

Participate in Crowdloan

  1. Select Kusama Cloud Crowdloan from the DApp

2. Slide to select the project you would like to participate in and click on Contribute.

3. Enter the number of KSMs you want to auction for.