EOS MultiSig Transfer DApp Tutorial I – Make Transfer

MultiSig Transfer DApp is a tool that supports executing a transfer with mult-signiture.

EOS provides very powerful permission settings and multi-signing features, but previously, these operations can only be performed from the command line.

The tool developed by Math Wallet is the most complete and simple operation interface of EOS Ecology. Math Wallet’s powerful account permission setting enables simplified MultiSig account setting, MultiSig transfer initiation, MultiSig verification and etc.

Steps of MultiSig transfer:

1 Request of a multi-sign transfer

2 Agree the request

3 After the agreed weight exceeds the transfer threshold, the initiator will execute the transaction.

I. Apply for MultiSig Transfer

1、Open Math Wallet, click 【DApps】, find the DApp -【MultiSig Transfer】(if you couldn’t find it, you could click top right corner to search for it). Then open the DApp and click “Start MultiSig Transaction”.


2、Confirm the requesting account, enter a proposal name and click “Next”


3、Enter or select a sending account and select permission.


4、Select MultiSig Account, enter the deadline, amount, receiving account and memo. The threshold(sum) of selected accounts couldn’t be greater than the threshold value of MultiSig. Confirm and enter the password.


5、Back to the first page, you will see the MultiSig Transaction Log, click it to see the details.


6、When the sum of the signed threshold is greater than the threshold of the sending account, the transaction could be excuted. Before it, you could cancel it anytime.


II. MultiSig Verification

1、The account that involved in a MultiSig Tranfer will see the transfer that need to be signed.


2、You could agree or disagree with the transfer.


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