Moonbeam (or Moonriver) Extension Wallet User Guide

Download MathWallet

Install Extension Wallet:

Set up password

Click the Extension icon in the upper right corner to enter Settings

In Network, enable the ‘Moonbase’ or ‘Moonriver’ network

Switch to Moonbeam (or Moonriver)

Create Moonbeam wallet

Click Settings in the upper right corner of the extension

Click on the top right corner to switch the network to ‘Moonbase Alpha’

Click + to create/import/connect Moonbase wallet

After setting the wallet name, click Confirm

Copy the mnemonic and save it properly. Click complete to finish wallet creation.

Web wallet and DApp store

Click on the Web Wallet/ DApp store to start to browse Dapp store

Click to use DApp

More information about Moonbeam:
Discord (for support):