Saga Network MathWallet User Guide

MathWallet has supported Saga Network Saga is a Layer 1 protocol that allows developers to automatically spin up parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that elastically scale with their Web3 application needs. Follow guide below and start using saga network: First, install the MathWallet latest version from On the chain list click + button at […]

Expose:Cases Of Fraud Using Token Decimals

Background Recently, a scammer (CYBER RESCUE) phished victims under the guise of “helping to recover/restore stolen funds” under the security reminder tweet of SlowMist founder Cos. In response to this situation, the SlowMist security team reverse-phished the scammer and disclosed his deception process. We hope that users will be more vigilant and avoid being fooled. The […]

How to Buy Solana Chain’s Inscription on MagicEden using MathWallet

First, install the MathWallet latest version from Find the Solana chain in the public chain list on the left , create or import your wallet Enter the wallet page and click the browser button in the middle below Enter MagicEden website link: Select the “Solana” chain on the homepage, “Inscriptions” inscription category Select […]

MathWallet Bitcoin Lightning Network User Guide

MathWallet has supported Bitcoin Lightning Network What is Bitcoin Lightning Network The Lightning Network is a peer-to-peer payments network that utilizes payment channels anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain to enable near-instant and low-cost Bitcoin settlements between participants. These payment channels are linked together, allowing users to pay anyone in the network without trusting the participants. […]

MathWallet now supports Blocknative Transaction Boost

Transaction Boost is an MEV-protected aggregator that preserves privacy, enabling wallets and dapps to protect end users from frontrunning and sandwiches, while providing real-time status updates that maintain observability of ongoing transaction states, thereby enhancing the end user experience. User Guide: First, open your ETH wallet and click on the settings page At the bottom, […]

MathWallet now supports BTC Ordinals NFT

What is BTC Ordinals NFT? The Ordinals protocol assigns a unique serial number to each Satoshi based on the mining order of Satoshi, making it non-homogeneous. When transferring Satoshi, it follows the first-in, first-out rule. Since both the numbering scheme and the transfer scheme are order-dependent, the protocol is named Ordinals. The Ordinals protocol runs […]