Install MathGas and track realtime Gas Price

MathGas supports Mac App / iPhone / Android which tracking the realtime multichain Gas Price

Mac App Guide

1 Download the DMG file from link below

2 Copy it to Application folder

And in System Perference – Security&Privacy – Allow apps download from: select ‘App Store and identified developers’

3 Right click on ‘MathGas’ app and click ‘Open’

4 Confirm ‘Open’ in the popup

If you cannot open the app, you may need to change the Mac app security settings in:

System Preference – Security & Privacy – General – App Store and identified developers

5 Click ‘Settings’ icon, you can switch different blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, OKExChain, Heco, etc

iPhone/Android Guide

MathGas on iPhone and Android work as widgets, you can add multiple widgets to display different chain’s gas price information

1 Install MathWallet5 app from

2 Add widget to the phone

On iOS you can click Edit Widget

Then change the Network Type to different chain

On Android you can click the widget and change the settings