MathWallet + Cosmos Instruction

MathWallet supports Cosmos on iOS/Android/Web

Mobile APP support on both iOS & Android

If you would like to manage your cosmos assets on mobile anywhere anytime.

Step 1: Install MathWallet

Step 2: Create a Cosmos Wallet


Step 3: Manage/Stake your Cosmos Hub assets


Note: MathWallet also supports IRISnet which based on Cosmos SDK

Cosmos Web Wallet support

If you only need to manage & transfer your Cosmos assets

Step 1: Install MathWallet Chrome Extension

Step 2: Create/Import Cosmos Wallet in the Extension


Step 3: Open web wallet and manage your assets



Cosmos SDK Chain support

If you are develop/use a new Cosmos Zone based on Cosmos SDK, the MathWallet Chrome Extension provide the fastest way to setup the wallet for you.

Step 1: Go to the Extesnsion – Settings – Networks


Step 2: Add Custom Network, and provide the RPC endpoint of the new Cosmos Zone


Step 3: Create the web application and connect to the wallet through Math SDK:

Explore the Cosmos DAPP Store

Math also built a DApp Store for Cosmos, where you can find tools / blockchain browser / dApps etc


Video instruction of the ATOM Staking Tool:

MathWallet also provide API which you can use to build more Cosmos DAPP

API detail can be found here:

If you have any questions or suggestion, you may join the MathWallet telegram group