Math Grants Program


Math Global Foundation announced a USD 1 million incentive program, focusing on GameFi fields. In addition, MathWallet under the Math Global Foundation will also provide wallet support, technical support and other services for various GameFi products.


Any GameFi dapp is welcome to apply for a grant.

Generally, it must fulfill the following requirements:

  • EVM / Solana / Substrate based GameFi mobile dapp
  • Supported Math SimpleWallet API
  • DAPP’s smart contracts have been deployed to the main network
  • No violation of laws and regulations, and no fraud / gambling contents

Additionally, your project will have better chances to be accepted if:

  • Good user experience and complete function


The Math Grants Program offers below grant to help you best

  • Target: GameFi teams
  • Amount: Up to 5,000 MATH
  • Requirements: 2 approvals
  • Benefits: Wallet related technical support + Co-promotion in MathWallet + VC introductions


If your GameFi meets the guidelines, you can apply ➡️ here


If you have any questions, feel free to contact