How to use SimpleWallet API on MathWallet mobile app

If your are building a native mobile blockchain app, you could open MathWallet to sign your transaction through SimpleWallet protocol.

MathWallet SimpleWallet Protocol supports:
1. Login account through the decentralize wallet
2. Open MathWallet to sign a payment or smartcontract transaction
3. Open MathWallet to sign a message (widely used in list a NFT for sell, etc)
4. Open URL inside the wallet in-app browser (ex: open Uniswap trading pair of the GameFi token)

Here is a quick demo to show you how it works

1 Install MathWallet5 Android version from

2 Install SimpleWallet Demo Android app from this link

3 Open Demo Android app

Select ‘ETH’ as example

Click ‘LOGIN’

The Demo App will launch MathWallet and allow user to select one Ethereum wallet

After the wallet selection, there will be a confirm window for user to complete the login operation (or sign transaction/message, etc)

Then MathWallet will launch the Demo App again which will get the returned data from MathWallet and move on the process.

Math SimpleWallet API supports all EVM based blockchain (Ethereum, BSC, etc) and Substrate, Solana as well.

To use this API, please read the document below first:

SimpleWallet SDK and API Demo Projects can be found below for both iOS and Android
iOS –
Android –

This Protocol is more focus on app to app connection which is very useful to mobile gamefi apps. If you are developing a web based dapp, we’d suggest using web3js or walletconnect protocal, details can be found at

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