How to use WalletConnect on MathWallet mobile app

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting Wallets to Dapps

Other than qrcode support, WalletConnect also works with mobile browsers

We use mobile browser open the WalletConnect official demo page to do the test

Click 'Connect to WalletConnect'

Select 'MathWallet'

Then the demo page will open MathWallet App, and you need to click the 'Confirm' button in MathWallet and finish the login

Then you need to manual switch to mobile browser and you will find now you are in login status. You can click the other buttons to test transaction related test

The page will open MathWallet App again, and popup sign transaction window

The code of the WalletConnect Demo is below which can be referenced by dapp team

Don't forget to download MathWallet and start connect with WalletConnect on mobile