Binance Smart Chain Q&A with MathWallet

How to distinguish Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain?

Is MathWallet secure?

MathWallet has been launched for more than 3 years, with more than 1 million users. There has never been a safety accident. Safety has always been the most important cornerstone of MathWallet.

MathWallet was voted as the best Binance Chain wallet in the world in July 2020

MathWallet is also the IEEE member- the biggest tech association and participated in the regulation standard making process.

What about the DeFi trade failure?

There may be a number of reasons, such as the following error is the because SWAP trading pair slippage point exceeded the default value, which can be resolved by increasing the slippage range.

Accidentally transferred the USDT/ETH/ and other tokens on Ethereum to the BSC wallet. What should I do?

Simply import the BSC private key into the ETH wallet and you will find the USDT-ERC20 in the Ethereum wallet

There are assets only available on Binance Chain,how to transfer to smart chain?

Check:How to use Binance Smart Chain Cross-chain tranfer tool

Which yield farming projects will be on Binance Smart Chain?

MathWallet will launch the project as soon as possible, please stay tuned on it!

How to participate in BSC community to gain first-hand information?

Add into BSC community by entering into Telegram: