How to participate in Spartan in MathWallet?

What is Spartan?

Spartan means spartan warrior
Spartan is one of the earliest Binance Smart Chain project
Spartan is the Uniswap+Synthetix+MakerDAO on Binance Smart Chain
Spartan protocol is developed by a group of anonymous developers
CZ tweeted that Spartan is very crazy

Token model:


Total 300,000,000
100,000,000 will be distributed through Proof of Burn
200,000,000 will be rewarded to liquidity provider

Spartan team will not reserve any SPARTA,all tokens will be distributed to network participants after the mainnet is launched as described above.

Proof of Burn means that a user needs to permanently destroy a token in exchange for a new one.

30 tokens on Binance Smart Chain will be selected and burned (so the selected tokens are the Spartan).

Current burning event of BNB is finished,total burn is 130434.78 BNB,if 23 dollars per token,total burned BNB worthes 3 million dollars,at the same time there are 10 million Sparta issued,0.3 dollar per Sparta,so the total 100 milion Sparta will burn 30 million dollars worth tokens.

How to value the current burning cost?

When Spartan announces a new token burn,it will screenshot a price,take RAVEN as example:
RAVEN cost is 0.001dollar at the screenshot,currrently its price is up to 0.0013 dollar,therefore the cost increased
(Means which Spartan token is selected the token price will increase)

Operation guide:

Download MathWallet:

Use Binance DEX to purchase tokens,such as CAN、RAVEN:

Create Binance Smart Chain Wallet:

Use cross-chain tool to transfer token from Binance Chain to Binance Smart Chain wallet:

At Binance Smart Chain,enter【DApp】-【Spartan Protocol】

First click【UNLOCK】to make authorization


Enter the amount and click【Burn】

Go back to wallet page,add asset Sparta