How to participate in SwapTuna yield farming?

Create BSC wallet

Enter in DAPP

Currently SwapTuna supports BNB-USDT, BTCB-USDT, ETH-USDT, TUNA-USDT.

According to current APR (Annualized Profit Return),you can choose a pool to provide liquidity

Enter in TunaSwap DApp

Login then choose Metamask 

Swtich to pool,click Add Liquidity

Then you should choose a Token List,click Tuna Choice

Choose the pool you want to provide liquidity to,such as BNB-USDT

You should authorize USDT token, after click Supply to provide liquidity

Then enter in【SwapTuna yield farming】DApp,enter Farm menu

Make a transaction to approve LP

Then click + to start yield farming,and check TUNA profit anytime

How to transfer USDT/ETH into BSC wallet?Deposit to Binance exchange first,then withdraw BEP20 token to BSC wallet