Harmony Wallet Guide

MathWallet APP has now supported Harmony

Download MathWallet

1 Create/Import Harmony Wallet

Go to ‘Switch Wallet’, scroll down and select ‘Harmony’ icon in the list, then click ‘+’ button in the top-left, then you can start create/import Harmony wallet.

After import you should be able to view the balances in the select Shard.

Transfer Token

Click ‘Transfer’ and input the receive address etc. You can also select which Shard you want to send.

In the ‘DApp’ tab you will be able to find more Harmony DApps including staking etc.

If you prefer desktop wallet, you may also try the MathWallet Chrome Extension, the guide by Harmony is here:

If you have more questions, you can contact the customer service through any of the following ways:

Telegram: https://t.me/mathwallet

Email: hello@mathwallet.org