How to cancel account allowance approval in Binance Smart Chain?

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What is allowance approval?

To simplify the smart contract, most DeFi dapp will initial BEP20 token allowance approval so that the smart contract can transfer the BEP20 token without approval every time.

What is the risk of allowance approval?

Because most of the allowance amount is set to unlimited, if the contract has security risk or it is a scam project, all allowance approved token can be transfered any time without your approval.

How to cancel account allowance approval?

Open ‘Token Approval Checker’ in DApp store.

Enter address, all DApps authorized by current address will be displayed., click Edit to modify.

You can choose to set the token upper limit that allows DApp to use or directly click Decline to cancel the authorization

Enter 0 and click Done, or directly click Decline. After confirmation, the authorization will be cancelled.