How to unstake and withdraw DOT (KSM/EDG)

First, open [DApp] – [Staking Tools]

Make sure you are in ‘Stash account’ mode, and click ‘Unbond’

Enter the unbonding amount

After the unbonding period completed (for DOT is 28 days)

Switch to Controller account mode

Then you will see the ‘Withdraw’ button besides dismissed DOT, click the button and sign the transaction, then you will get these DOT to your balance.

Common Issues

1 Error caused by locked DOT

If you have participate Polkadot council election, you will need to quit Polkadot election lock as well, details:

How to quit Polkadot election lock

2 Error caused by unbond all DOT

If you need to unbond all DOT, you need to cancel all validator selection first.

The steps are:

Go to Nominating Set page, and unselect all validators, and submit.

Then click Unbond, and click All, and submit.