How to use Deeplink connect to MathWallet mobile app

1 Open URL You can use deeplink open MathWallet and then open an URL in the wallet in-app browser Sample URL below, change the value param as you need: mathwallet:// 2 Open URL and get callback Sample URL below, change the dappUrl param as you need and the blockchain param as well: mathwallet://{"action":"openUrl","protocol":"SimpleWallet","dappUrl":"https:\/\/\/","dappName":"MathWalletSDK-Demos","blockchain":"eosio","version":"1.0","callback":"mathwalletdemos:\/\/mathwalletsdk?action=openUrl","desc":"","dappIcon":""} Currently this […]

How to use WalletConnect on MathWallet mobile app

WalletConnect is an open protocol for connecting Wallets to Dapps Other than qrcode support, WalletConnect also works with mobile browsers We use mobile browser open the WalletConnect official demo page to do the test Click 'Connect to WalletConnect' Select 'MathWallet' Then the demo page will open MathWallet App, and you need to click the […]

How to use SimpleWallet API on MathWallet mobile app

If your are building a native mobile blockchain app, you could open MathWallet to sign your transaction through SimpleWallet protocol. MathWallet SimpleWallet Protocol supports:1. Login account through the decentralize wallet2. Open MathWallet to sign a payment or smartcontract transaction3. Open MathWallet to sign a message (widely used in list a NFT for sell, etc)4. Open […]

Kusama Cross-chain Teleport Guide

With more and more Kusama parachain launched, KSM can be teleported to different chains, guide below: Install MathWallet Find dApp 'Kusama Teleport Assets' Select the target chain (already supported Statemine, Karura, etc) Input Amt (suggest > 0.01 KSM, normally the fee is around 0.003 KSM) And select the target chain address Click 'Transfer' and […]

Arbitrum wallet guide: cross-chain operation experience and cost statistics

This article introduces the relevant information about the cross-chain transfer operation process, experience, and fee amount on Ethereum L1 and Arbitrum L2. Gas Price at the time of the test of this article Ethereum Gas Price: 80 GweiArbitrum Gas Price: 3.3 Gwei Download MathWallet When this article was published, the MathWallet extension, MathWallet Android […]

Moonriver App Wallet Guide

Install MathWallet Switch Network to 'Moonriver', create or import a Moonriver wallet And you can start using Moonriver now! If you need to claim your MOVR token, using your App scan the qrcode of 'Moonriver Apps' on And you can claim your crowdloan MOVR token, same as the extension process

Claim Moonriver MOVR in MathWallet guide

Install MathWallet Switch Network to 'Moonriver' Import the 0x formatted receiver wallet when you participate Moonriver crowdloan Click the 'DApp Store' button, and open the 'Moonriver Apps' Or open the link: The app will connect to Moonriver wallet automatically Then you can click the 'Claim' button to withdraw MOVR to your Moonriver wallet […]

MathWallet Newsletter 2021.08.27

Welcome to the MathWallet Newsletter (2021.08.27) Join us: Crypto community can check our latest news, including developing dynamic, community activities, external cooperation, ecosystem updates, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about MathWallet, please follow our Twitter, Medium and Discord accounts. BABY & MATH charity NFB series open for sale, MathWallet APP now supports […]