Project Update| 2018.8.17

Math Wallet Jointly create a “EOS” venture camp with OracleChain and Delphy

On August 15–16, in the first live broadcast conference for global EOS Token holders, more than 60 excellent nodes and dozens of Dapp teams participated in the discussion. Anita, the overseas community manager of OracleChain, said that open source is very important for the EOS ecosystem and requires more technical communities and developers to participate. At present, Math Wallet is cooperating with OracleChain and Delphy to create “EOS Venture Camp” to support EOS developers in the form of technology sharing.

Math Wallet has reached a partnership with ONT

The ONT ontology provides a new generation of high-performance basic public chains, including complete distributed ledger and smart contract system support Math Wallet has partnered with ONT, and Math Wallet has supported ONT wallet creation, import, transfer and mainnet mapping.

The Progress of Development


EOS REX Interface, pricing model analysis
EMLG main network node upgrade and maintenance

EOS Force Node
Participate in the original main network upgrade and drill

Android & iOS

Added ONT wallet
Added ONT position
Developed Math Business Wallet

Supported EOS Scatter
Supported EOS manual redemption of assets
Provide EOS, EOS Force Trading Signature Interface
Optimized EOS, EOS Force Account Change
Optimized News
Fixed Known Bugs


EOS REX trading market
EOS resource rental
BTC wallet
Little Agreement Dapp

➡ Highlights of Math Wallet v1.6.0

Download Math Wallet:


Highlights of Math Wallet v1.6.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary functions and optimizations

1、Math Business Wallet

Math Business Wallet is to solve the problem of enterprise’s wallet management and assets situation, and designed White List、sheets of multi levels and etc. to help enterprise、funds and investment institution to provide more safe and flexible token management function.

If you have corporation intention, please contact our business director via:

2、EOS Permission Change

The new version of Math Wallet completely supports the EOS permission, supports EOS permission change, deleting and adding (could manage several public keys at the same time). Also, supports the permission change of EOS FORCE.

Click the wallet name on top left corner to enter the EOS permission management interface.

3、DAPP payment conformation page and GAS setting.

According to the suggestion of community users, we optimize the DAPP’s payment confirmation page. Now, users could adjust gas price to speed up transactions in rush situation. (like the last minutes of Fomo3D countdown)

4、News in Math Wallet

We added 【News】in 【Dapp】section, and has reached strategy cooperation with “BKBT”

5、ONT wallet Integration

Math Wallet v1.6.0 supports ONT mainnet and ONG airdrop.

At the same time, Math Wallet will support import ONT from previous NEO wallet to the new ONT wallet.

6、DAPP Browser and open API

We developed DAPP Browser as an open entrance for users and developers, at the same time, developers could use the API of Math Wallet to interact with Math Wallet to execute transaction signature and broadcast. Just let Math Wallet to deal with the complex stuff.

At last, we launched many competitive DAPP games on ETH、EOS、NEO、EOS FORCE. DAPP developers are welcomed to submit your DAPP to us!

Insall Math Wallet:

➡ Math Wallet

Project Update| 2018.8.4

Community Activities

LRN Airdropping in Math Wallet

MathWallet has supported Loopring protocol and LRN Airdrop. Users could get LRN airdrop by importing the ETH address that owns more than 50 LRC to MathWallet, or create a ETH wallet in MathWallet and then transfer LRC to that ETH wallet.

Tutorial  How to get LRN Airdrop?

The Progress of Development


Added EOS BP monitoring alarm

Researched EOS Force permission management and multi-signing mechanism

IRISnet Cross-chain protocol Node

Deplyed IRISnet testing network nodes

Android & iOS

Added EOS account permission management

Added EOS Force token assets management

Supported LRN candy airdrop

Launched Developer DApp Browser

Optimized ETH transfer

Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

Added EOS account permission management

Added ONT Mapping

Optimized EOS account resource management

Optimized candy withdrawal process


Download Math Wallet:

Project Update| 2018.7.20

If you want to create an EOS account right away, you could choose to pay for it:

  • Option 1 : EOS Account Registration Program developed by Delphy team with WeChat Payment supported.

  • Opation 2: Buy Registration Code in MediShares Shopping Store. WeChat Pay Supported.


On July 7th, Math Wallet cooperates with Delphy team to launch the EOS Account Registration Tool with built-in EOS RAM price forecasting program.

On July 7th, Math Wallet cooperates with EosForce, and Math Wallet will support the deposit/withdraw, account registration and BP voting of EosForce.

On July 13th, Math Wallet has reached strategic cooperation with LendChain to build financing, investment, and insurance platform of crypto assets.

The Progress of Development

Android & iOS

  • Supported viewing EOS resource usage
  • of EOS RAM
  • Supported EOS mainnet and CUP stake/refund
  • Supported importing EOS private key from third party支
  • Supported the portfolio of FCoin & CoinMex account
  • Supported the portfolio detail of EOS Force
  • Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

  • EOS Ram trading
  • Added “News” channel
  • Updated the home page of Dapps

Download Math Wallet:

Highlights of Math Wallet v1.5.0

Thank the community supporters for giving us valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make the MATH Wallet better and better. In Math Wallet, users’ experience always comes the first.


Below is our progress in the new version of Math Wallet.

  1. Get the idea of resource usage at a glance.


2. Clearly vision of EOS staking and refund status.


3. Detailed transaction log of EOS.


4. Support the tokens of EOS ecosystem completely.

5. Buy/sell EOS RAM, automatically calculate the price of RAM in per KB.


6. EOS Account name bidding, the ranking is also showed in a clear manner.


7. Support creating EOS Account by invitation code or spending money to purchase accounts directly. Detailed information ▼

8. Support creating EOS Account through friends ▼

9 Comepletly supporting EOSForce blockchain.

Install Math Wallet▼

Q&A| EOSForce Wallet

Q:What is EOS Coin?

A:EOSForce team changed and optimized the code of EOS, and based on that EOSForce released their own EOS public chain with the token called EOS Coin. Anyone (excluding the team) who holds the EOS ERC20 token before the mainnet launch on UTC 1 June 2018 22:59:59 AND completed EOS token mapping will be entitled to an equal amount of EOS FORCE tokens.

Q:Does a EOSForce account requires 12 characters?

A:No, there’s no length limitation of EOSForce Account. You can register an account in any length unless it is taken by other users.

Q:Why I can see my total refund amount after refunding EOS Coin but cannot vote again? When could I vote again?

A:The refunding process actually takes 3 days.

Q:When could I get my voting dividends?

A:Just click 【dividends】and 0.03 EOS coin for the fee each time.

Q:Where can I check my EOS Coin amount regarding of the address mapped on ethereum?


Q: What is the detail rule of EOSForce voting dividends?

A: please see below

produce one block in each 3 seconds, and 9 coin every block.
so all BP gain 9 * 20 * 60 * 24 = 259200 eos a day.
so each BP gain 259200/23 = 11269 coins a day
suppose there’re 10000 voted coins for A BP, so each vote will get 1.1269 coin a day.
suppose there’re 20000 voted coins for B BP, so each vote will get 0.5635 coin a day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our officail telegram group:

How to choose the wallet type?

Many users don’t know how to choose a wallet type when they first time opening the Math Wallet.

Many users who have never used crypto wallet are often stuck in the first step choosing the wallet type. This article briefly introduces 4 different wallet ecosystems that supported by Math Wallet , helping everyone to take the first step.

BTC Wallet

Bitcoin(BTC) is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a cryptocurrency, so-called because it uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money.

The bitcoin protocol specifies that the reward for adding a block will be halved every 210,000 blocks (approximately every four years). Eventually, the reward will decrease to zero, and the limit of 21 million bitcoins will be reached 2140; the record keeping will then be rewarded solely by transaction fees.

ETH Wallet

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

Ethereum could quickly generate new tokens through smart contracts, and most of tokens we know so far are based on Ethereum. If it is your first time to use the crypto wallet, ETH Wallet may be your best choice to start.

EOS Wallet

EOS is the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications launched on June, 2018. It that has much higher scalibility than Ethereum and Bitcoin and could achieve transaction in just a second. Also, it is featured with strong scalability, usability and could support for large-scale commercial applications.

Howeber, the EOS account registration precess is relatively complicated and it is not reccomended for first-time users.

NEO Wallet

NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a “smart economy” with a distributed network.

As a first open-source public chain program in China, NEO is call “Ehereum of China”. The support of its tokens and smart contracts is also relatively complete, but the current application is not as much as applications on Ethereum.

Project Update| 2018.7.6

How to get the registration invitation code of EOS Account ?

We will give away some registration invitation codes in WeChat group by the form of red packet lottery.

Add the group admin to enter the WeChat Group:

ID: weixingongchang

Or Scan the QR Code:


If you want to create an EOS account right away, you could choose to pay for it:

  • Option 1 : EOS Account Registration Program developed by Delphy team with WeChat Payment supported.

  • Opation 2: Buy Registration Code in MediShares Shopping Store. WeChat Pay Supported.

Math Wallet (developed by MediShares) Cooperates with Delphy

Math Wallet (developed by MediShares) cooperates with Delphy team to launch the EOS Account Registration Tool with built-in EOS RAM price forecasting program.

Math Wallet (developed by MediShares) Cooperates with EOSForce

Math Wallet (developed by MediShares) cooperates with EOSForce, and Math Wallet will support the deposit/withdraw, account registration and BP voting of EosForce.

The Progress of Development


  • Updated EOS Mainnet Block Producer
  • Researched and tested EOSForce

Android & iOS


  • Supported EOS Account Creating
  • Supported EOS transaction
  • Supported EOS trasaction log
  • Supported importing Private Key of different permission
  • Supported EOSForce Community


  • Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

  • EOS transaction log
  • EOS resource management
  • EOSForce BP Voting

【Transaction Delay Contract】

Math Wallet released 【Transaction Delay Contract】. In Math Wallet, if a transaction of ERC20 token takes more than 1 hour, the compensation would be paid for the delay.


EOS Account Registration

Math Wallet support creating EOS Account .


Math Wallet supported EOSForce

Math Wallet cooperates with EosForce, and Math Wallet will support the deposit/withdraw, account registration and BP voting of EosForce.

Download Math Wallet:

How to Buy EOS RAM on Math Wallet ?

All EOS operations related to contract data storage require the purchase of RAM. The RAM transaction is through the built-in mechanism of EOS system. The core algorithm is based on the Bancor protocol, which means the price will go up when there are more people buy RAM and the price will go down when there are more people sell RAM.

At present, the EOS RAM price has risen from 0.017EOS/kb at first to 0.85EOS/kb, which is a five- fold growth. In other words, if you bought 100 EOS RAM previously and never used it, now, you can earn 5000EOS if you sell it to the EOS system. (Every time you buy or sell RAM, you have to pay a 0.5% fee)

If the total amount of RAM in the entire EOS system stay unchanged, the more RAM that is purchased, the higher the RAM price (unless the EOS Block Producers expand the RAM).

Now let’s see how to buy EOS RAM on Math Wallet.

First of all, you need to download Math Wallet and import EOS Wallet:

Then click【Dapp】on the botton

  • Firstly, check 【EOS RAM Price Trend】and choose a good price
  • Secondly, click 【Purchase EOS System Resource】, where you could get the current RAM price and buy or sell RAM.


Some useful links:

eos RAM Ranking:

eos RAM historical price trend:

Reminding: EOS RAM could be expanded by Block Producers, which means the price may go down if the RAM is expanded, so please invest cautiously

Project Update| 2018.6.22

Math Wallet in cooperation with Valpromise

ValPromise is the world’s first blockchain-based distributed commitment contract trading platform, based on publicly-monitored objective indicators (such as weather, commodity prices, foreign exchange rates, stock indexes, etc.) to solve global cross-species, cross-regional risk management (insurance (Contract, futures, options contract issuance and trading, forecast service) issues. VPP is a ValPromise system that promises to issue mortgages, settlement currencies and is based on the district-centric ERC20 blockchain digital assets issued by ETH.

MediShares collaborated with ValPromise that Math Wallet launched Blockchain game DApp 【Etherwow】: guess the number. If you win, get ETH. If you fail, get VPP!!

The Progress of Development

Android & iOS

  • Supported EOS account importing
  • Supported EOS Block Producer Voting
  • Provided EOS Account Name Bidding Tool
  • Supported purchasing EOS system resources
  • Optimized transaction notation
  • Oprimized default GasLimit
  • Fixed known bugs


  • EOS Account creating
  • EOS Account resource management
  • EOS Account invitation code

Supported EOS BP Voting


Supported EOS Account Name Bidding

Supported Purchasing EOS System Resource

The EOS system operation process(such as registering an account) requires the corresponding resources, including CPU, bandwidth, and RAM. You can get CPU and bandwidth by staking EOS, but you need to buy RAM. Now, you could purchase the EOS system resource in Math Wallet : 【EOS Wallet】 — 【DApp】 — 【Purchase EOS System Resource】

Download Math Wallet: