When MathWallet Supports a new Chain

When MathWallet supports a new chain, it is not just adding a RPC like Metamask. MathWallet will support all the functions below in the same time for the new Chain:

✅ App wallet support

✅ Web wallet support

✅ Extension wallet support

✅ DappStore support

✅ Multi-wallet support

✅ Sub-wallet support

✅ Watch-mode-wallet support

✅ Dapp browser intergration

✅ FT support (Native, Wrapped, ERC20, etc)

✅ NFT support (ERC721, ERC1155, etc)

✅ DeFi assets support (Debank API)

✅ Token Discovery (FT & NFT, Balance>0)

✅ Blockchain Explorer integration

✅ Transaction History

✅ NFT market integration

✅ Token Swap integration

✅ Cross-chain bridge integration

✅ Token info support

✅ Token price support (Coingeiko API)

✅ Add fund support (Moonpay API)

✅ Name service support (ENS, Unstoppable Domain, etc)

✅ Multiple RPC endpoints selection support