How to claim Polkadot Staking Rewards?

Operate staking in Pokladot Staking Tool How to use Polkadot Staking Tool? Receive Staking rewards Open Polkadot Staking Tool then click Rewards-Set Select the reward receiving account and the proceeds will be automatically transferred to the corresponding account  (when there are others to receive voting node). Note: The official time for issuing the interest of […]

Polkadot browser extension wallet guide

Please download the Polkadot wallet in browser extension version: Switch to ‘Polkadot’ network Create or enter into Polkadot mainnet wallet Click‘Web Wallet’ to enter into Web Wallet Click ‘Login from Math Wallet browser extension’ Choose a Polkadot wallet After confirmation,you can check the amount in Polkadot wallet and start transaction etc Click ‘DApp Store’ […]

Kulupu Wallet User Guide

Please download MathWallet: Note:iOS user please download TestFlight version (How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version) Create Kulupu Wallet Swith to Kulupu Wallet Click Create Wallet (Please store carefully mnemonics) When mnemonic verification is completed, the creation is successful Click KLP to transfer or receive asset  

MathWallet Newsletter 2020.08.21

Dear MathWallet user, MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, here we wish to give you the comprehensive update. MathWallet has become the leading partner of SRM Integrations, allowing users to receive and transfer SRM, browse DApp store, conduct governance and more operation in MathWallet. The latest version of MathWallet already supports […]

MathWallet Video Contest 2020

MathWallet is calling for all users in MathWallet community! !15000 MATH rewards giveaway for self-made video!! Time: Start from 19 August, contest will last for 2-3 weeks. Rewards: 20 winner in total: 10 winners for Excellent prize(1000 MATH) and 10 winner for Creative prize (500 MATH ) Rules: Retweet our official video and @MathWallet […]

Polkadot Governance Tool User Guide

First download the MathWallet Note: For IOS users, please download the TestFlight version. (How to install MathWallet iOS TestFlight version) Create Polkadot wallet Polkadot Wallet Operation’s Guide Polkadot governance tool Please click: Polkadot Governance Tool video guide Open the DApp – Tools – Polkadot Governance Tool Enter into Polkadot Governance tool, which displays the […]