Filecoin Cloud Mining Pool Product Introduction

Here is the Math Filecoin Cloud Mining Pool Product Introduction Click here to buy: Product introduction Product: 1TB/year Filecoin mining power rental service Product price: 285 USDT/1TB/ year Filecoin mining rental service (original price: 350 USDT) Stake cycle: 365 days Currency: USDT Filecoin Cloud mining price = product price/proof of stake =28.5USDT/0.1T (original price: 35USDT) Technical […]

Q&A about MathWallet Filecoin Cloud Mining presale

Q1: What is Filecoin? InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a globally oriented, point-to-point distributed version of the File System aimed at complementing (or even replacing) the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that currently dominates the Internet by connecting all computing devices with the same File System.The principle is to replace domain-based addresses with content-based addresses, that […]

How to collect COMP in MathWallet?

Token introduction COMP is the decentralized lending protocol Compound Governance token. COMP can be used for Compound community governance. Holders can propose changes to the Compound protocol or vote on the proposal. The Compound switched from “Administrator governance” to “Community governance,” with COMP being an important component. Participate in Compound finance How to use Compound finance […]

MathWallet Is Exploring Cross-chain Transfer on Binance Smart Chain

MathWallet team has been invited by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) team to explore the Binance Smart Chain testnet. BSC Characteristics Based on the following characteristics of BSC: 1. Two way cross chain supported between Binance Chain (BC) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 2. Ethereum Wallet and Web3 JS compatibility BSC Cross-chain Tool MathWallet created […]

How to create FileCoin Testnet wallet

First download/update MathWallet: Note: for IOS users, please download the TestFlight version Create the FileCoin Testnet wallet Open the MathWallet – FileCoin Testnet Click Create Wallet Enter the wallet name and password Backup mnemonics (please keep the mnemonics properly and do not give them to a second person in any form) Complete the creation […]

How to use Harmony staking tool

Download MathWallet: Note: for IOS users, please download TestFlight verion Open the MathWallet, switch to Harmony Wallet-open the Harmony Staking tool in DApp Open Harmony Staking tool Click Staking-Vote Enter the quantity and click ok After finishing the voting, you can check the voting details in my record, collect the returns and retrieve the […]