BSC DAPP Dev Tutorial(2)- How to create a BEP20 Token

BSC DAPP Dev Tutorial Serie Develop Environment Please check the BSC DAPP Dev Tutorial(1) Compile and Deploy Open Delete the default files, and create a new file: Token.sol Copy the Token.sol code from below repo You need to modify BEP20Token code based on your needs, including name, symbol, decimals, totalSupply Compile: […]

BSC DAPP Dev Tutorial(1)- BSC Smart Contract Develop Environment

BSC DAPP Dev Tutorial Series First, please install the MathWallet Chrome Extension In [Settings]-[Networks], open: Binance Smart Chain – Testnet Click Switch Network and select 'Binance Smart Chain – Testnet' Click + button, create a new wallet address Copy the wallet address, and you can get test token in link below: Check […]

BSC NFT User Guide

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) defines an indivisible, has uniqueness in ecological circulation of tokens interaction and interface specification. On the blockchain, cryptocurrencies are divided into two categories: original coins and tokens. The former, such as Bitcoin and Qtum, has its own main chain and USES transactions on the chain to maintain account data. The latter, such […]

How to participate in SwapTuna yield farming?

Create BSC wallet Enter in DAPP Currently SwapTuna supports BNB-USDT, BTCB-USDT, ETH-USDT, TUNA-USDT. According to current APR (Annualized Profit Return),you can choose a pool to provide liquidity Enter in TunaSwap DApp Login then choose Metamask  Swtich to pool,click Add Liquidity Then you should choose a Token List,click Tuna Choice Choose the pool you want […]

How to participate in Spartan in MathWallet?

What is Spartan? Spartan means spartan warrior Spartan is one of the earliest Binance Smart Chain project Spartan is the Uniswap+Synthetix+MakerDAO on Binance Smart Chain Spartan protocol is developed by a group of anonymous developers CZ tweeted that Spartan is very crazy Token model: Token:SPARTA Total 300,000,000 100,000,000 will be distributed through Proof of Burn […]

How to participate in BURGER yield farming on Binance Smart Chain?

Create Binance Smart Chain Wallet http: Withdraw token to Binance Smart Chain Wallet BurgerSwap farming operation Enter【DApp】-【BurgerSwap】 Click【Liquidity pool】-【Add liquidity】 Choose a trading pair,confirm the exchange rate,click supply,complete signature and finish farming Check and receive BURGER rewards in the pool Stake and governance BURGER in【Governance】and receive voting rewards