Beginner Guide: 4 Ways to get your NFT

We’ve summarized four ways to get NFT. You’ll know how to pay for it or even get it for free after reading.

Blind box

Blind box is one of the mainstream ways to get NFT. If you buy a blind box, you will get a NFT randomly. At the same price, some people can get the limited edition, while others can only get the ordinary one.

Due to the recent market boom, some projects need to snap up NFT, so the network will be particularly congested at that time. Therefore, it is recommended to set a higher GAS fee, otherwise, your order may not be accepted.

To understand what GAS FEE is, please see:

Meet specific conditions

In addition to paying for NFT, you can also get it for free by completing certain tasks. You can follow the project’s official twitter, they may launch a series of events, and you may get a NFT if you perform a particular action, such as retweet the tweet, fill a form, own certain token in a partucular time, participate in the IDO, etc.

Scam alert! You should not give keystore, private key, mnemonic pharse, or seedpharse to anyone, otherwise it will cause assets loss.

Via GameFi

You can get NFT in the blockchain game. In most of the current popular battle games, you can purchase NFT pet/monster/egg/cards with its token and get your rewards via battles.

Moreover, GameFi have wide variety of mode, for example, you may stake your NFT to get token, stake your token to get NFT, get blind box for free if you complete a task in the game, etc.

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NFT trading platform

Mainstream NFT assets are mostly released and sold on Etherum / Binance Smart Chain. If you have to buy or sell NFT, you need to have a decentralized wallet for the storage of FT and NFT assets.

Get started:

Note that your wallet should have enough ETH/BNB as Gas Fee.

How to purchase NFT on Opensea

Step 1: Open Opensea and connect to the wallet,

Step 2: Pick NFT

Step 3: Purchase NFT and confirm payment in the wallet

If you want to sell the NFT you collected in your MathWallet, See: