AC‘s Rarity NFT Game Guide in MathWallet

Rarity is AC's Fantom blockchain game inspiring by Loot. The detail guide is below:

Install MathWallet

Create Fantom Wallet

Get some FTM token

1 Get FTM to Fantom wallet through Multichain bridge

2 Get free faucet, need join spookyswap Discord

Get ‘Rarity Manifested’ NFT

Rules posted by AC:

1 Open ‘Rarity Manifested Contract’

2 Connect to Web3

3 Summon

choose your class and enter the number as the class in the field

Barbarian [1]
Bard [2]
Cleric [3]
Druid [4]
Fighter [5]
Monk [6]
Paladin [7]
Ranger [8]
Rogue [9]
Sorcerer [10]
Wizard [11]

Search your address in and find your ERC-721 NFT TokenID

4 Submit advanture txn and get xp once per day

Need type in your NFT TokenID

5 Level up(Need type in your NFT TokenID)

In MathWallet5 version you can view and transfer your ‘Rarity Manifested’ NFT

Gold ERC20 Token

Rules posted by AC:

1 Open ‘Rarity Gold Contract’

2 can claim gold starting from level 2 and every level thereafter.(Need type in your NFT TokenID)

3 Add gold token in MathWallet


This project is still in development, looking forward to see more details to be released.

You can join MathWallet Discord and we will post more guides for the new features