Beginner Guide: Where and how to start your NFT journey?

NFT is particularly hot this year, with art and games both getting lots of attention.

What is NFT? How do we beginners get involved?

Brief introduction of NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique token with different values and are irreplaceable. Each NFT is recorded on the blockchain, can be traced back and exists forever.

Artists can make their own crypto art and sell it on trading platforms, while collectors can collect their favorite crypto art. Similarly, the play-to-earn mechanism of NFT game has brought a wealth effect to players.

How to trade your NFT?

First for all, you should have BNB in your wallet as GAS fees if you are trading NFT on the Binance Smart Chain. If you are trading on the Ethereum blockchain, then you should have ETH in your wallet as GAS fees.

Different wallets support different NFT token standards, so you need to confirm which blockchain that NFT is on to avoid asset loss before trading. And MathWallet supports NFT collection display in ETH/BSC wallet.

Then, you can buy or sell all kinds of NFT in the NFT trading platform, including NFT art, NFT games and so on. Currently, The play-to-earn blockchain game is hot, such as Axie Infinity, where players can buy NFT monsters and get them battle for profit. You can buy NFT monsters in the game or in the NFT trading platform.

Math DApp Store supports more than 3000 DApps, you may access blockchain game and NFT trading platform directly via MathWallet APP.

How to avoid buying fake NFT?

Make sure the NFT you purchase has the platform certification mark, otherwise it may be a fake NFT.

Also, please confirm the contract address of the NFT is the official address before trading.

How to sell your NFT through MathWallet?

If your NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain , click on the collection in the ETH wallet to view the owned NFT category

Send and receive NFT

Send NFT:

Take the NFT of MATH Wallet as an example, click on the MATH Wallet category-NFT Collection-Send-Enter the recipient ETH address

Receive NFT: Copy the ETH address to the other party

Buy and sell NFT

Click NFT Collection-View Details-Open Opensea View-Sell

Mainstream NFT platforms

Nifty Gateway is the main market for Nifties. Nifty Gateway allows you to buy, sell, trade and display your Nifty.

Opensea is currently the largest NFT trading platform in Ethereum, and it is relatively free to create and issue NFTs.

Rarible is an NFT issuance and trading platform that creates and sells digital collections protected by the blockchain. Artist certification requires invitation.

Discover, display, and sell scarce digital art collections.

Super Rare can easily create, sell, and collect rare digital artworks. Their smart contract platform allows artists to publish limited edition digital art collections tracked on the blockchain, which are rare, verifiable and worth collecting.

MakersPlace is a truly unique digital creation platform, based on blockchain technology support, enabling creators to protect and sell digital creation versions. The project connects creators with fans and collectors around the world through the market and a network of partners.

Mintbase makes irreplaceable tokens useful and helps you create your own digital assets based on ERC-721.

You can also directly access those platform in Math DApp Store.