Math Extension Wallet New Release Announcement

We’d like to introduce the new version Math Extension Wallet

Math Extension Wallet is the only ‘All-In-One’ extension crypto wallet which supports more than 60 blockchains and dApps including DeFi, GameFi and NFT.

Maximum multi-chain support


Today, most of the crypto users may have the experience to install different extension wallets for different blockchains.
Our goal is to bring user-friendly to multi-chain experience. Math Extension Wallet supports more than 60 blockchains, and you can customize the chains you needed instead of installing multiple extensions.

Maximum multi-wallet support

For security consideration or application single address limitations, we may need multiple addresses when using a dApp. It is inconvenient if sub-wallet is limited and switch address is hidden in the deep settings menu.
Within Math Extension Wallet, you can create/import unlimited sub-wallets, and switch to different wallet with just one-click.

One-click dApp store

After creating the wallet, what you can do next? Where to find the secure official uniswap website?
In Math Extension Wallet, all you need to do is click the ‘DappStore’ button and it will bring you to the dApp Store for that blockchain.

Simplified web wallet

Other than dApp Store, Math Extension Wallet also provides a simple web wallet for display assets / balance and transfer. It removed other complex functions such as staking/voting etc, and only focus on these 3 things: display assets / balance and transfer which made it very easy to understand no matter which chain you are using.
We received feedbacks about why these functions are not in the extension just like Metamask. The answer is we’d like to keep it simple on the extension side, and the web wallet is more agile. It also avoids frequently extension version upgrades.

Avoid conflict settings

For some users who would like to use Metamask for Ethereum, and Math Extension for other chains such as Bitcoin or Solana, you can open the ‘Avoid conflict with Metamask’ in Math Extension settings.

Finally, you can download Math Extension Wallet for Chrome / Edge / Brave / etc

If you have any suggestions, feel free to join our Discord channel