Ledger + MathWallet User Guide

Install MathWallet

Install Math Extension wallet
MathWallet Web Extension Wallet User Guide

Buy Ledger Hardware wallet from https://www.ledger.com/

Next, we take the Ethereum wallet as an example. But other than Ethereum, you can also use Ledger + MathWallet for other chains supported by MathWallet such as Bitcoin / Tron / Cosmos etc.

Computer connect to Ledger hardware wallet

Connect the computer with the data cable of the Ledger hardware wallet.
Note: If you can’t connect Ledger hardward, please download from Ledger’s official website the latest version of Ledger Live.

Type PIN to unlock Ledger

Choose Ethereum wallet,until it shows “Application is ready

Web plugin connects with Ledger

Taking Ethereum as an example, switch to Ethereum wallet, click the “+” sign, and select to connect to the hardware wallet

Click “Connect

Check the account address and click “confirm

Set the wallet name and click “confirm

Finished import


Click Web Wallet and then click on the page to log in via Math Wallet browser extension

After entering the address and quantity, click Transfer

A confirmation box pops up, notifying you to complete the confirmation in Leger

Confirm in Ledger Review Transation → Amount → Adress → Max Fees

After check,confirm in Ledger with Accept and send

Transfer success

Experience Dapp

Click DApp store

Here we choose Uniswap for demonstration, click Uniswap

Click upper right corner Connect to a wallet ,then click Injected

After the connection is successful, select the exchange token and fill in the quantity and click SWAP

Click Confirm SWAP

A box pops up to complete the confirmation in the hardware wallet

Confirm in Ledger Review transationData PresentAmount AdressMax Fees then Accept and send to finish SWAP

Ledger + MathWallet Video Guide