How to use DEFI financial in MathWallet

The definition of DeFi

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, also known as Open Finance.
It actually refers to the decentralized agreements used to build open financial systems, designed to make finance activity accessible to anyone in the world, anytime, anywhere.
In the existing financial system, financial services are mainly controlled and regulated by the central system, whether it is the most basic deposit and withdrawal transfer, or loan or derivative transactions.
DeFi hopes to establish a transparent, accessible and inclusive peer-to-peer financial system through distributed open source agreements that minimizes trust risks and makes financing easier and easier for participants.

Participate in DeFi financial using MathWallet

The ETH DeFi finance
If you switch to ETH wallet — financial, you can check the current financial status of ETH in each DeFi platform corresponding to each token.
Click the corresponding DeFi deposit to view the deposit details

Click withdraw/deposit to jump to the corresponding DeFi platform for operation

How to use MathWallet for various ETH DEFI platforms

How to use Aave financial in MathWallet 

How to use Compound financial in MathWallet

TRON DeFi financial

Switch to Tron wallet – DApp – DeFi

How to use TRON DeFi financial in MathWallet

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