MathWallet Newsletter 2020.05.14

Dear MathWallet user,

MathWallet has been going well for the past two weeks, here we wish to give you the comprehensive update.

As a bridge between the public chain and the users, MathWallet has been closely cooperating with the major public chains, rapidly updating the iterations, to meet the needs of users. At present, MathWallet support more than 40+ public chains, remains the leader in the industry.

The 5th serie of NFT MATH x DARWINIA has been distributed. Please check the weibo account @mathwallet or Twitter @mathwallet for details.

MathWallet has reached a strategic collaboration with IPFSnews, and was invited to participate in the “please! Filecoin” online event held by IPFSnews on May 15. MathWallet will focus on its five core businesses and explore the future of the sharing economy in the IPFS ecosystem together with its powerful advantages.

Math Show is an online live broadcast brand vertically targeting at the blockchain community. At present, online live broadcast is conducted once a week. In view of the current hot spots in the coin circle, we invited the big man in blockchain community to analyze and answer questions.

MathWallet App

 MathWallet app supports more than 40 different public chains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Cosmos, etc., is an excellent decentralized wallet, and supports Cloud Wallet mode.


1. Vapor wallet supports cross-chain asset transfer

2. Updated Kusama wallet

New DeFi MathWallet operating strategy

How to use DEFI financial in MathWallet

How to use Aave financial in MathWallet

How to use Compound financing in MathWallet?

How to use MathWallet to create USDJ CDP

Math Web Wallet

 Math Web Wallet is a web version of the decentralized wallet, together with Math extension wallet, you can make a fast and secure transfers and asset query operation.


Math Extension Wallet

Math Extension Wallet is currently the only multi-chain extension wallet, which has supported more than 40 mainstream public chains, which is especially suitable for professional users and developers.


1. Updated Kusama wallet

Math Cloud Wallet

Math Cloud Wallet is the web version of the Cloud Wallet, which ensures assets security, is easy to register and suitable for novices.

Link :

MathWallet launched BTC shark fin finance

BTC sharkfin finance is the latest product launched by MathWallet. Users can open MathWallet – DApp – sharkfin finance to participate. During a specified period of time, if the price of BTC has been floating within a certain range, user can get the highest 20% annualized income; if it is not within this range, user will get the lowest 3% annualized income.

Math Staking

Participating in the node ecosystem of multiple PoS public chains, MathWallet developed a set of staking tools.

Link :

Kusama node

  – kusama upgraded to v0.7.33;

MathWallet has become Ethereum 2.0 Topaz testnet node.

Ethereum 2.0 will run on a PoS mechanism, and the Topaz test network, released by Ethereum 2.0 founding team Prysmatic Labs, is the only complete Ethereum 2.0 mainnet configured testnet. In mid-april, Prysmatic Labs announced the launch of the Topaz testnet and the launch of Phase 0 of ethereum 2.0.

Math VPoS Pool

Virtual Proof of Stake (VPoS) is a new kind of mining pool with multi-currency and Dual engines.

Link :

VPoS Pool supports KSM pool, expected annualized return of 20%

The new official website

Math DApp Store

Math DApp Store is a place for gathering decentralized applications and the entrance for all Dapp users.

Link :

Math Dappstore launched Eth2 DAPP

From April 29 to May 13,15 DAapps were added.

It is noteworthy that,


▲ETH 2 Calculator

Calculate the expected earnings of Ethereum after 2.0 shift to PoS

▲Legend 2

A blockchain blood legend game that can get started at any time


A fast and secure decentralized exchange developed by the 0x protocol



A Filecoin testnet browser, directy search for testnet related data


MathLabs is an incubator and research center of MATH that incubates and outputs a variety of projects, tools, and articles.

MathWallet API Documentation

Added Deeplink support, web links can directly opens MathWallet and operate signatures.

Math Cloud SWAP

Math Cloud SWAP supports the fast trading of BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, USDC, TRX, ATOM, MATH, PCX, KSM, DOT, FIL6M through the aggregation of the depth of exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

Click Cloud Wallet – Trade

Link :

1. Added new trading pairs of PCX, KSM and USDC

Math Cross-chain SWAP

The cross-chain SWAP within MathWallet is a cross-chain fast exchange service jointly launched by MathWallet and SWFT Blockchain, which supports cross-chain exchange between the following currencies:


Click HD Wallet – Trade

Math Community Activities

MATH x DARWINIA, the fifth serie of NFT airdrop events, has been successfully distributed. The fifth serie has received more than 180000 twitter views and 5,085 retweets, with the total of 200 NFTS distributed.

Math Show # 003 was launched at 19:00 on May 8. The guest is Marvin, CEO of Phala, and XiaoJie, co-founder of PolkaWorld, to introduce you to “how to mosaic the blockchain”, analyze the privacy data from another direction, and publicly reveal the details of Phala 27 million airdrop for the first time.

Math Show # 004 was launched at 19:00 on May 14. The guest is Chen XiLiang, the CTO of Laminar and Acala foundation directors and community MC XiaoGong, taking a deep look at the logic and systematic operation behind Polkadot’s plan to amplify the DOT distribution by 100 times.

MathWallet has supported the implementation of the TRON (TRX) award distribution for up to 12 months. The first award will be issued on May 20, 2020.