Math Wallet Reaches a Strategic Cooperation with Hurun Report

On January 16, 2019, Hurun Report’s 15th Anniversary Best of the Best Awards Ceremony was successfully held in Shanghai. As a leading indicator of China’s rich consumer style, the guests include well-known entrepreneurs, business leaders, celebrities, luxury brand leaders and media elites.

“Hurun Report Best of the Best” is a high-end research activity created by Hurun Report for luxury brands in China that invites high-net-worth individuals with more than 10 million assets in China to select their favorite luxury brands in various consumer categories, and hold the “Best of the Best Awards Ceremony” in January each year to award the winning brands. As the annual feast of the Chinese luxury brand industry, “Hurun Report Best of the Best” has a significant impact on the reputation and popularity of luxury brands in China’s top circles.


Math Wallet, which was unveiled at the finale, pushed the entire forum to a climax. Math wallet is the first crypto-wallet brand that invited by Hurun Report, which means Hurun Report is optimistic about the development of crypto-asset market and blockchain technology. Hu Run, the chairman of Hurun Report, and the founder and CEO of Math Wallet Mr Qiao, signed the cooperation contract together at the Ceremony.


Math Wallet is committed to establishing an open source and transparent trust mechanism, and always adheres to the product strategy of “letting value flow freely”. Mr Qiao said that the cooperation between Math Wallet and Hurun Report will focus on technology output, application scenarios, crypto assets, and circulation certificates, aiming to jointly develop the global digital asset market and provide better service for global billionaires and high-net-worth individuals.


On the same day, Hurun Research issued the “Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2019”. This is the 15th consecutive year that Hurun Research released this report. In the past six months, Hurun Research has conducted research on 465 Chinese high-net-worth individuals with personal assets of over 10 million RMB, of which 84 have assets over100 million.

The report pointed out that “although cryptocurrency has attracted great enthusiasm from investors globally in recent years, it still remains to be seen in China. More than half of the respondents said they do not know about cryptocurrency. 15%-20% of the respondents expressed “interest” in the cryptocurrency, and majority of cryptocurrency players invest in bitcoin.”

Project Update| 2019.1.11


  • Math Wallet launched 【MDS CITY】based on EOS
  • Math Wallet was invited to join the “Blockchain Technology Alliance Ecology”
  • Math Wallet lead to support ONT DApps
  • Math Wallet won the “Most Valuable Wallet” in “Blockchain Insight 2019” event held by TokenInsight and 8BTC in Hangzhou

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP:
– Node optimization

– Node maintenance
– MongoDB storage optimization

TRON Mainnet BP
– Node maintenance

Android & iOS

1. Supported ONT DApp
2. Supported more types TRON DApp
3. Optimized TRX, TRC20 transaction record
4. Optimized News sharing pictures

UI Design

Christmas, New Year activity UI design

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Download Math Wallet:


Highlights of Math Wallet v2.0.0


Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary functions and optimizations:

  1. Supported BTC wallet

1、First to support the strong ONT DApp ecosystme

Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform.Ontology provides new high-performance public blockchains that include a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems.

Math Wallet has supported the DApp based on ONT dApi and enabled DAPP free-password payment.


Math Wallet has supported all of OEP tokens.


2、EOS wallet has applied the strong ownership management and transfer delay feature.

3、TRON wallet has built in Bancor Exchange of TRC10 Token and optimized the display of transaction record.

4、We have applied the mobile DAPP debugging mode for DApp developers.

Detailed tutorial:

 How to debug DApp within Math Wallet

5、We updated Math Wallet SDK and online document. Currently, ETH、EOS、TRON、ONT、EOSC、BTC、NEO are supported.

Math Wallet SDK Document

6、We optimized DApp submission process, and the developer can easily submit DAPP and Token information to the Math Wallet via the link below.

Submit DAPP

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Install Math Wallet:

Project Update| 2018.12.28

Community Activities

Gala Night of Math Wallet

The Candy Party held by Math Wallet, TRON, YDAPP, DiceBet, Lianjinshu, TRONWIN, TRON 101, TronFun has ended with the participants more than 50 thousand! There will be more activities to reward the community friends, please stay tuned!


Math Wallet and Vessel Capital Fund Launched Winter EOS Financial Plan

Vessel Capital is a blockchain technology company specializing in the management and management of encrypted digital assets. [Winter EOS Financial Plan] is jointly launched by Math Wallet and Vessel Capital Fund, and MediShares provides credit guarantee. The product protects the interest rate, fixed income, annualized income of 13%, the highest in the whole network. [Winter EOS Financial Plan] No. 002 and 30,000 EOS has been sold out in advance. It is expected that the next issue will be open for purchase in mid-January, first come first served.

Thor Swap and Math Wallet Launched Christmas & New Year’s Day Triple Airdrop Event

From December 25th to February 2nd, Math Wallet and Thor Swap launched the Christmas New Year’s Day triple-airdrop event. In the first transaction in Thor Swap, you can receive 3000 THT, register to receive 500 THT, and invite friends to send 500 THT per person. Math Wallet user could get extra 1000 THT by transferring in Math Wallet.

Math Wallet and EOSPark Released EOS Referendum Tool

The EOS referendum system is a proposal initiated by EOS Canada to allow EOS community users to participate in the ruling of the proposal and determine the direction of EOS. The referendum system is now in beta and is expected to be officially deployed to during the year. Now log in to the Math Wallet and click [App]-[Tools]-[EOSPark Referendum] to participate in the voting.

XPET and Math Wallet jointly launched a limited edition Christmas badge

The Math Wallet and XPET jointly launched 50 limited edition Christmas badges. The Christmas badge is a category of game props that enhances the player’s luck in the game and increases the level at which the player drops the equipment during the monster fight. Players can wear in the game, can transfer gifts to my props, or hang into the trading market for free trading.

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP: Upgraded to new v1.2.3

EOS.MediShares: Upgrading and maintenance

GXChain BP: Upgraded to v1.0.181226

TRON Mainnet BP:- FullNode maintenance

Android & iOS

  • DApp UI optimization

-no screen locking

-optimized horizontal screen mode

  • Launched TRC10 decentralized exchange function
  • Provided transaction checking through multi-browsers
  • Fixed the problem of token unseen

UI Design


-horizontal screen mode of DApps



Transaction checking through multi-browsers

What’s new in Math Wallet:

  • Launched DEX for TRC10 tokens
  • Enabled horizontal screen mode

Download Math Wallet:

Tutorial of MathWallet RedPacket

I. Get Red Packet

1、Copy the code sent by friends, sample below:

Get Red Packet !!! copy the code : #D03F8ADC9DMF83Y7PD# to get the TRX red packet in Math Wallet. Math Wallet address:

2、Then open the Math Wallet and you’ll see the Red Packet on screen:)

3、The EOS will go to the Cloud Wallet, and you could withdraw them in【Me】in bottom navigation bar — 【Cloud Wallet】

Rules of Red Packet Code
If you enter wrong code too many times, you will be forbidden to reenter for a while.
Same account cannot recollect the same Red Packet Code.
The code can be only used once.

II. Generate EOS Red Packet

1、Enter EOS/TRX wallet, click 【DApp】in bottom and find the DApp 【MathWallet RedPacket】


2、Click to generate the Red Packet code

Set amount and click to select the token type.
Then choose Red Packet type:
Normal: the amount is distributed equally in each red packet
Random: the amount is distributed randomly in each Red Packet

3. Generate code, copy the code and send to your friends

Rules of Red Packet Return

The Red Packet Code is available for 24 hours, and will be returned to senders address after 24 hours.

III. Check your Red Packet record

Download Math Wallet:


How to exchange TRON token ? (trc10/trc20)

In addition to TRX, TRON token types mainly include TRC10 and TRC20. Both have different trading ways. Here are some specific trading methods for you.

【TRC10 or TRC20?】

How to know the token is TRC10 or TRC20?
Check through TRON Browser:

【Exchange TRC10 Token】

You could trade the TRC10 tokens through the decentralized exchange embedded within the Math Wallet.

The specific process :

  1. Install Math Wallet :

If you’ve installed Math Wallet, Please Update to the Latest Version

2.Switch to TRX Wallet

Click 【Exchange】in the bottom navigation bar

3. Select Trading Pair

【Trade TRC20 Token】

Could use the third party DApp DApp — TRX Market:

1.Switch to TRX wallet

Click 【DApp】- 【Exchange】,find the DApp 【TRX Marktet】



2.Select Trading Pair to complete trade


Project Update| 2018.12.14

Community Activities

Gala Night of Math Wallet

MathWallet is holding a Candy Party sponsored by TRON、YDAPP 、DiceBet 、Lianjinshu、TRONWIN、TRON 101 、TronFun. Users could create/import TRON wallet in Math Wallet to be eligible to draw the TRON WheelSurf !

Install Math Wallet;


BCSEC and Math Wallet Reached a Deep Strategic Cooperation

On December 5th, BCSEC reached a deep strategic cooperation with Math Wallet. The two parties will conduct in-depth business cooperation in the areas of wallet security, wallet program auditing and R&D, smart contract development and auditing. At the same time, the two parties will jointly create a blockchain full ecological security solution to better protect the blockchain ecological security.

Math Wallet reached Partnership with “Startup Camp Vision Plan”

The two parties will cooperate in traffic, and the Math Wallet will support access to the assets of the members of the public chain technology alliance project . The public-chain technology alliance was initiated by the “Startup Camp Vision Plan”.

Math Wallet Cooperated with CoinRap

Math Wallet has cooperated with CoinRap. CoinRap is the pioneer of the 0-block blockchain, shouldering the mission of people entering the blockchain with lower thresholds, providing users with 0-throw Swap and C2C trading services. With the RapC2C service, users can buy and sell tokens directly in the Math Wallet, safe, fast and efficient!

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP: Tested new v1.2.3

EOS.MediShares: Upgraded

GXChain BP: Depolyed and tested

TRON Mainnet BP:Depolyed, synced, tested and upgraded to v3.2.2

Android & iOS

  • SupportedTRON DApps
  • Application page revision
  • EOS delayed transaction
  • Added EOS account permissions

UI Design

  • Application page revision;
  • EOS asset management product design
  • Design of Big Wheel
  • Design of EOS delayed transaction

What’s new in Math Wallet:

  • Enabled transfer EOS in a set time
  • Added EOS account permission settings
  • Application page revision
  • Launched Nuanbaobao — EOS financial product

Download Math Wallet:

How to buy EOS Winter Financial Plan?

Math Wallet have launched EOS Winter Financial Plan that has annualized return of 13% and break-even interest. Limited amount, first come first served.

Install Math Wallet:

1. Switch to EOS wallet. If you don’t have EOS wallet, please create or import first.

2. Find DApp “EOS Financial Plan”

3. Click the product【EOS Winter Financial Plan】

select amount and complete purchase

4. Go back and click 【Purchased Plan】to check the order.

【Additional Note】

  • About redemption: redemption refers to the redemption of the principal. After the product is open for redemption, you can click the “Redemption” button in the “Purchased Plan” to redeem the principal. The principal will be returned to the original payment account within the 5 business days of the beginning of the next month; if not chose to redeem during the return period, the principal will be automatically extended to the next period.
  • About interest: the interest will be paid monthly. After the end of each interest period, the system will automatically transfer the previous interest income to your account.

Project Update| 2018.11.30

Community Activities

Gala Night of Math Wallet

MathWallet is holding a Candy Party sponsored by TRON、YDAPP 、DiceBet 、Lianjinshu、TRONWIN、TRON 101 、TronFun. Users could create/import TRON wallet in Math Wallet to be eligible to draw the TRON WheelSurf !

Install Math Wallet;


Math Wallet officially announced to participate in the election of GXChain BP

On November 21st, Math Wallet officially announced its participation in the election of the GXChain BP to support the GXChain main chain, provide a entrance for users to GXChain eocosystem, help GXChain achieve community-based governance, and jointly promote the ecological development of GXChain.

Math Wallet and Beosin Launch Free “VaaS” Automated Formal Verification Platform for Smart Contract

The DApp “VaaS” in Math Wallet provides a convenient and free smart-contract security testing service for all blockchain practitioners. The DApp was developed by the smart-contract automation detection platform Beosin, which could achieve 95% accuracy for security testing of contract. Mobile phone users can find it in Math Wallet -【DApps】- 【Tool】

Math Wallet Launched TRON

Math Wallet has perfectly supported TRON Network! Users could create tron wallet and play TRON DApps just in Math Wallet.

Tutorial of Tron wallet

The Progress of Development


EOSForce BP: New version upgraded

EOS.MediShares: Upgraded

GXChain BP: Depolyed and tested

TRON Mainnet BP:
Depolyed, synced and tested

Android & iOS

Supported TRON Network.
Supported Tron/EOS/EOSC wallet and auto-mining without popout
Added Ranking and Searching function
Supported directing to specific DApps in Math Wallet from the 3rd party

UI Design

Designed TRON wallet

What’s new in Math Wallet:

  • Supported TRON Network.

Tutorial of Tron wallet

  • Supported Tron/EOS/EOSC wallet and auto-mining without popout
  • Added Ranking and Searching function
  • Supported directing to specific DApps in Math Wallet from the 3rd party

Download Math Wallet: