Tutorial | How to Rent/Lease EOS Resources in MathWallet

In Chintai, you can lease your leisure EOS and gain collect income.

If you are a developer, you can also rent bandwidth/CPU resources in Chintai at a low price to lower your platform operating cost.

  1. Open MathWallet and switch to EOS wallet
    Download MathWallet : http://mathwallet.org

Press 【DApp】 in bottom and enter 【Chintai】


Login first


  1. Select Markets

For example: choose 14-Days markets

  1. Scroll down the page and check the Orderbook


Check the current orders and decide your Interest Rate based on them.

As you could see, the market rate is 0.05% in the above pic, and the value will changes all the time.

Similar to the exchanges, the EOS rental rate on Chintai platform is determined by market mechanism.

  1. Create Order

– if you want to lend your EOS, make order with LEND in red.
– if you want to pay interest rate to get others‘s resources, you should make borrow order with BORROW in green.

You should set the Interest Rate and Amount. (here, I set the Interest Rate to be 0.1% and the Amount to be 100)

If you want to rent EOS, you could make BORROW order ▼


Enter Interest Rate and the Amount of EOS

You could also slide to set the ratio of the CPU and NET

It will shows the Total Interest you need to pay.

Confirm what you entered and Submit Order.

  1. Confirm your order

The above is a valid EOS order that you need to pay 0.01 EOS.Once the order is successfully made, you will get 7 EOS CPU and 3 EOS NET right away. (You could keep them for 7days)
(Note 1:10 EOS is the minimum, otherwise, the order couldn’t be made)
(Note 2:Make sure you are making Borrow order or LEND)

If the order is invalid, it will be showed in Open Orders


Community Support
Chintai is developed by EOS42 and wins strong support from the community.
Chintai is a EOS Renting Platform with no fees. All the operation/development cost is covered by several BPs including EOS42.

The article is modified based on :


Project Update| 2018.9.28

Community Activities

Math Wallet has launched Public Chain Voting Activity

Math Wallet has initiated Public Chain Voting activity. Users could join the activity through banner on DApp page. Now there are 14 listed public chains and the top 5public chains are NAS, BCH、XRP、ETC and ADA according to the latest data.


MathWallet Cooperated with ESN

Math Wallet has reached strategic cooperation with ESN, the largest blockchain forum in Korea. Math Wallet now supports ESN public chain that incubated by Ddengle. In Korea, ESN has already cooperated with many well-known organizations such as e-commerce websites, financial settlement systems, game development platforms, etc. Users can use ESN to purchase digital content or commission Payment service. This cooperation also means that Math Wallet officially initiates the Korean Market, and will continue to develop overseas markets.

Math Wallet Lunched Decentralized Exchange — MathDEX

MathDEX — Decentralized Exchange for DAPP Ecosystem MathDEX provides practical tokens and trading contracts based on Bancor protocol for DAPP teams and supports decentralized exchange within Math Wallet. Besides, MathDEX supports exchanges of EOS Mainnet resources.The trading pair RAM/EOS has been available, and the trading pair REX/EOS will be available soon, please stay tuned!

The Progress of Development

EOS Force
– Tested EOS Force mainnet and new functions
– Participated the meeting that progress the EOS Force ecosystem

Android & iOS
– Launched trading section
– Opened the source of Native SDK based on SimpleWallet protocol
– Home page redesign
– Fixed Known Bugs

MediShares Design
– Math Wallet official web supports the APP installation of Google Play

New about Math Wallet:

  • Supported ESN Wallet
  • Added DApp Category and Enabled DApp Sharing function
  • Optimized EOS Ram exchange (filter orders and analysis market trend)

Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

How to launch your DApp on Math Wallet?

The Math Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that mainly supports DAPP ecosystem (currently supported: ETH, NEO, EOS, EOS, ONT, etc.), and the Math Wallet is also a wallet for community users. Our DAPP page is open to all community developers, and you are welcome to submit your DAPP to us.

Content to be Checked

  • Project Link
  • Contract Address
  • Whether have own token.

If you are a DAPP developer, you can use metamask’s ETH web3 interface, scatter EOS interface, or you can use the wheat wallet API provided by Wheat Wallet. For excellent DAPP, we can provide wallet client support and traffic guidance. , will also provide Token rewards. Download Wheat Wallet: Http://mathwallet.org


  • Sate
  • Beautiful
  • Nice User Experience

How to Submit your DAPP:

CTO’s email : ericyu@medishares.org

If you are a DAPP developer, you could use the ETH web3 interface of metamask, EOS interface of scatter, or you could use the API provided by Math Wallet. For excellent DAPP, we will not only provide client support, traffic guidance, but will also provide Token rewards.

Download Math Wallet:


Project Update| 2018.9.14


MathWallet has reached a partnership with ProChain

DApp Prabox is the first candy box based on EOS. Currently, Math Wallet has launched Prabox, and the cooperation between the Math Wallet and Prochain will further leverage the advantages of both parties and jointly promote the development of EOS ecosystem.

Math Wallet Launcheded EOS.WIN

Math Wallet has launched EOS.WIN, which is a game based on EOS and designed by random algorithm. Also, Math Wallet supports customized invitation code , which means users could invite friends to get LUCKY token and get dividends.

Math Wallet Launched DApp EOS Shadows

Math Wallet has launched DApp EOS Shadows. EOS Shadows is the first IBO mode game on EOS, the user is both a player and a platform shareholder. It uses the Bancor algorithm to realize the sales of the platform KEY, and through the new game, the dividend is distributed according to the KEY ratio.

The Progress of Development


  • EMLG Mainnet upgrade and maintenance
  • House Rental Contract of RiskExchange based on EOS is being tested

EOS Force

  • Helped develop the Incentive Program of EOS Force ‘s developer community

Fibos Community

  • Researched Fibos Mainnet and Bancor exchange mechanism

Android & iOS

  • Developed, tested and launched ESN Wallet
  • Supported SimpleWallet ‘s【scan to login and pay】
  • Updated candy collecting page
  • Supported searching the News
  • Optimized Scatter API of EOS/EOS Force
  • Optimized DApp going through and sharing
  • Fixed Known bugs


  • EOS Airgrab
  • Managed the invitation link of EOS Game
  • Supported SimpleWallet protocol
  • Supported creating EOS account that could use WeChat Pay

New about Math Wallet:

  • Supported SimpleWallet in EOS wallet, which links the payments between DAPP and EOS Wallet.
  • Supported collecting multiple candies
  • Added searching tool of【News】

Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

Project Update| 2018.8.31


Math Wallet has reached a partnership with ONT

The ONT ontology provides a new generation of high-performance basic public chains, including complete distributed ledger and smart contract system support Math Wallet has partnered with ONT, and Math Wallet has supported ONT wallet creation, import, transfer and mainnet mapping.

Math Wallet Cooperated with Prophet

Math Wallet has reached a partnership with Prophet, a prediction platform developed on GXChain with more than 490 thousand users and more than 241 billion people joined the prediction topics. Math Wallet has launched the DApp Prophet, and the two sides will work together on promoting the development of forecasting market.

The Progress of Development


  • EMLG Mainnet Update and Maintain
  • Developed Risk Exchange based on EOS (the testing version has launched on Math Wallet)

EOS Force

  • Built/Maintain EOS Force P2P core network
  • Completed Candy given away
  • Involved in EOS Force Community managment

Android & iOS

  • Optimized EOS/EOS Force Dapp notification
  • Optimized the invitation code of EOS/EOS Force
  • Optimized EOS transaction history
  • Optimized the notification when entering DApp of third party
  • Added BTC wallet development
  • Fixed Known Bugs


  • Supported BTC wallet
  • Issue Token on EOS Force
  • Supported transfer and other operations of EOS DApp
  • Added category filter of DApps and detailed introduction
  • Updated Media Resource of MediShares

New about Math Wallet:

  • Launched Force 3D based on EOS Force
  • Lunched PRA
  • Launched Little Agreement based on EOS

Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

Project Update| 2018.8.17

Math Wallet Jointly create a “EOS” venture camp with OracleChain and Delphy

On August 15–16, in the first live broadcast conference for global EOS Token holders, more than 60 excellent nodes and dozens of Dapp teams participated in the discussion. Anita, the overseas community manager of OracleChain, said that open source is very important for the EOS ecosystem and requires more technical communities and developers to participate. At present, Math Wallet is cooperating with OracleChain and Delphy to create “EOS Venture Camp” to support EOS developers in the form of technology sharing.

Math Wallet has reached a partnership with ONT

The ONT ontology provides a new generation of high-performance basic public chains, including complete distributed ledger and smart contract system support Math Wallet has partnered with ONT, and Math Wallet has supported ONT wallet creation, import, transfer and mainnet mapping.

The Progress of Development


EOS REX Interface, pricing model analysis
EMLG main network node upgrade and maintenance

EOS Force Node
Participate in the original main network upgrade and drill

Android & iOS

Added ONT wallet
Added ONT position
Developed Math Business Wallet

Supported EOS Scatter
Supported EOS manual redemption of assets
Provide EOS, EOS Force Trading Signature Interface
Optimized EOS, EOS Force Account Change
Optimized News
Fixed Known Bugs


EOS REX trading market
EOS resource rental
BTC wallet
Little Agreement Dapp

➡ Highlights of Math Wallet v1.6.0

Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org


Highlights of Math Wallet v1.6.0

Thank community friends for your valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make Math Wallet better and better.

Here’s the primary functions and optimizations

1、Math Business Wallet

Math Business Wallet is to solve the problem of enterprise’s wallet management and assets situation, and designed White List、sheets of multi levels and etc. to help enterprise、funds and investment institution to provide more safe and flexible token management function.

If you have corporation intention, please contact our business director via:


2、EOS Permission Change

The new version of Math Wallet completely supports the EOS permission, supports EOS permission change, deleting and adding (could manage several public keys at the same time). Also, supports the permission change of EOS FORCE.

Click the wallet name on top left corner to enter the EOS permission management interface.

3、DAPP payment conformation page and GAS setting.

According to the suggestion of community users, we optimize the DAPP’s payment confirmation page. Now, users could adjust gas price to speed up transactions in rush situation. (like the last minutes of Fomo3D countdown)

4、News in Math Wallet

We added 【News】in 【Dapp】section, and has reached strategy cooperation with “BKBT”

5、ONT wallet Integration

Math Wallet v1.6.0 supports ONT mainnet and ONG airdrop.

At the same time, Math Wallet will support import ONT from previous NEO wallet to the new ONT wallet.

6、DAPP Browser and open API

We developed DAPP Browser as an open entrance for users and developers, at the same time, developers could use the API of Math Wallet to interact with Math Wallet to execute transaction signature and broadcast. Just let Math Wallet to deal with the complex stuff.

At last, we launched many competitive DAPP games on ETH、EOS、NEO、EOS FORCE. DAPP developers are welcomed to submit your DAPP to us!

Insall Math Wallet:

➡ Math Wallet

Project Update| 2018.8.4

Community Activities

LRN Airdropping in Math Wallet

MathWallet has supported Loopring protocol and LRN Airdrop. Users could get LRN airdrop by importing the ETH address that owns more than 50 LRC to MathWallet, or create a ETH wallet in MathWallet and then transfer LRC to that ETH wallet.

Tutorial  How to get LRN Airdrop?

The Progress of Development


Added EOS BP monitoring alarm

Researched EOS Force permission management and multi-signing mechanism

IRISnet Cross-chain protocol Node

Deplyed IRISnet testing network nodes

Android & iOS

Added EOS account permission management

Added EOS Force token assets management

Supported LRN candy airdrop

Launched Developer DApp Browser

Optimized ETH transfer

Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

Added EOS account permission management

Added ONT Mapping

Optimized EOS account resource management

Optimized candy withdrawal process


Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

Project Update| 2018.7.20

If you want to create an EOS account right away, you could choose to pay for it:

  • Option 1 : EOS Account Registration Program developed by Delphy team with WeChat Payment supported.


  • Opation 2: Buy Registration Code in MediShares Shopping Store. WeChat Pay Supported.



On July 7th, Math Wallet cooperates with Delphy team to launch the EOS Account Registration Tool with built-in EOS RAM price forecasting program.

On July 7th, Math Wallet cooperates with EosForce, and Math Wallet will support the deposit/withdraw, account registration and BP voting of EosForce.

On July 13th, Math Wallet has reached strategic cooperation with LendChain to build financing, investment, and insurance platform of crypto assets.

The Progress of Development

Android & iOS

  • Supported viewing EOS resource usage
  • of EOS RAM
  • Supported EOS mainnet and CUP stake/refund
  • Supported importing EOS private key from third party支
  • Supported the portfolio of FCoin & CoinMex account
  • Supported the portfolio detail of EOS Force
  • Fixed known bugs

MediShares Design

  • EOS Ram trading
  • Added “News” channel
  • Updated the home page of Dapps

Download Math Wallet: www.mathwallet.org

Highlights of Math Wallet v1.5.0

Thank the community supporters for giving us valuable suggestions, we will try our best to make the MATH Wallet better and better. In Math Wallet, users’ experience always comes the first.


Below is our progress in the new version of Math Wallet.

  1. Get the idea of resource usage at a glance.


2. Clearly vision of EOS staking and refund status.


3. Detailed transaction log of EOS.


4. Support the tokens of EOS ecosystem completely.

5. Buy/sell EOS RAM, automatically calculate the price of RAM in per KB.


6. EOS Account name bidding, the ranking is also showed in a clear manner.


7. Support creating EOS Account by invitation code or spending money to purchase accounts directly. Detailed information ▼


8. Support creating EOS Account through friends ▼


9 Comepletly supporting EOSForce blockchain.

Install Math Wallet▼