Chains based on CosmosSDK MathWallet User Guide

MathWallet5 now supports 21+ CosmossDK-BASED public chains, including:

Cosmos aims to be the “Internet of blockchain”, an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future.

With the Cosmos SDK(a modularity framework),Cosmos allows developers to easily build proprietary app chains(Called zone in Cosmos) for DApps.

The application chain can interoperate with other IBC protocol  connected chains in Cosmos ecosystem by accessing IBC (Cross-chain communication protocol) , so as to construct Cosmos multi-chain ecosystem.

For example, “Osmosis”

 Osmosis is one of the most active hubs of Cosmos ecology, which is  featured of AMM autonomous application chain.  Unlike other AMM applications, Osmosis not only includes the CROSS-chain transaction AMM DEX, but also a homegrown underlying blockchain infrastructure based on Cosmos SDK and IBC–Osmosis Chain.

Follow guide below and start using Chain based on CosmosSDK:

First, install the MathWallet5 version from

Click the “+” button at the bottom of the list of public links on the left, search for the name of the public link you want to use, such as “Osmosis”, and click the open button

Then, go back to the public chain list to find the network and add a new wallet. (You can also import existing wallets from other chains)

Then you will able to receive and send tokens on the wallet

You can search and add assets to your wallet as well

Go to ‘Browser’ dapp, you will find all Milkomeda Cardano dapps.

For iOS users, please enter to open the dapp list

For more CosmosSDK public chain related DApps, please click the following link to select the public chain you want to operate: