Arbitrum Nova MathWallet User Guide

MathWallet has supported Arbitrum Nova

The Arbitrum Nova was built using AnyTrust technology, utilizing the data Availability Committee to achieve significant cost savings by sending the data to the committee first, and only falling back on putting the data on the chain if the committee failed to complete its work.

Nova is a new chain with a different set of assumptions, designed for games, social applications, and more cost-sensitive use cases, and is fully EVM-compatible.

Follow guide below and start using Arbitrum Nova:

First, install the MathWallet latest version from

On the chain list click + button at bottom, and open Arbitrum Nova

Then, on the chain list find the Arbitrum Nova and add a new wallet

Then you will able to receive and send tokens or NFT on Arbitrum Nova

Go to ‘Browser’ dapp, you will find all Arbitrum Nova dapps.

For iOS users, please enter to open the dapp list