How to create FileCoin Testnet wallet

First download/update MathWallet: Create the FileCoin Testnet wallet Open the MathWallet – FileCoin Testnet Click Create Wallet Enter the wallet name and password Backup mnemonics (please keep the mnemonics properly and do not give them to a second person in any form) Complete the creation after verifying the mnemonic Detailed operation video please click: […]

How to use Harmony staking tool

Download MathWallet: Open the MathWallet, switch to Harmony Wallet-open the Harmony Staking tool in DApp Open Harmony Staking tool Click Staking-Vote Enter the quantity and click ok After finishing the voting, you can check the voting details in my record, collect the returns and retrieve the vote Details please see the operation video:Harmony Staking […]

RSK extension wallet user guide

Install the MathWallet extension wallet Download the MathWallet web extension Official website: After completing the installation, click the extension icon in the upper right corner to start configuration: Create RSK mainnet wallet Click Switch network – RSK   Create RSK wallet Note: please backup and save the mnemonics phrase properly Web wallet Click DApp […]

MathWallet Deeplink Guide

MathWallet has supported Deeplink Use Deeplink you can open an DAPP URL in MathWallet directly mathwallet://,DuGZsgfYwQLn6LJNEysHob8ngAYBXmYk8GPWpQnCscd2MfB Above link is the Kusama staking tool page. It will set the validator addresses you specific in the URL. It will support multiple validator addresses as well. Other than Deeplink, you can share the URL to you user as […]

How to use DEFI financial in MathWallet

The definition of DeFi DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, also known as Open Finance. It actually refers to the decentralized agreements used to build open financial systems, designed to make finance activity accessible to anyone in the world, anytime, anywhere. In the existing financial system, financial services are mainly controlled and regulated by the central […]

How to use Compound financing in MathWallet?

First install the MathWallet Participate in Compound financial Open MathWallet – switch to ETH wallet – finance and enter the DEFI financial interface Click Compound ,enter the detail page,it will show the APR on time and the deposit amount and accumulated income. Click Deposit Dai as an example, we introduce here how to use Dai […]